10 tips for a cheap move in Berlin.

10 tips for a cheap move in Berlin

The following guide explains the best tips and tricks so that you can organize your move to Berlin cheaply. It may be your first time moving. In Berlin there are a lot of details that you have to think about so that you don't get penalties or additional charges fees have to pay. This starts with competent and inexpensive relocation helpers and even extends to the registration deadline, which you should not miss. With the best tips and tricks, you can protect your wallet and move to Berlin cheaply. Do not automatically assume that you will have to do without a moving company. It is possible that you will even choose the cheaper option in this way. It's not just a cheap one that matters moving date, but also the distance and the volume of the move. So that you can avoid expensive mistakes and implement a cheap Berlin move, you can read the following 10 tips.

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1. Save moving costs when renovating

The best way to save on moving costs is to renovation perform yourself. Of course, it is crucial that you know how this works. Most renovations are related to the old apartment painting work to perform. The same may be true of holes in the wall because you hung a few pictures in the past. If you impeccably put it in own directing carry out and take care of, you can save quite a bit of money. If not, you should ask acquaintances, friends and family for help. There may be a craftsman in the area that you can ask. In this way, you can reduce the costs particularly small amount keep.

2. Calculate moving costs and compare prices

Calculating moving costs is easier if you get different estimates and offers. It is important to compare these. Therefore, it is not possible without an offer that you have in writing in your hands. If you get support from a carrier or get it from a moving company, you should ask several companies at the same time. Make sure that you can really compare the services with each other. The price-performance ratio always decides in the end. Of course, the serious performance of the craftsmen and removal helpers that you want to commission for the move is also decisive. The same applies, of course, if you want to book a craftsman for the painting work or renovation work. You make a good choice if you get different offers and maybe even negotiate to get an additional one Discount to get.

3. Removal company Berlin reduce costs effectively with good planning

Remember that you can always reduce moving company Berlin costs effectively if you plan everything well in advance. This means that early planning naturally also means flexibility with regard to the moving date. So choose a smart date. The cost is higher if you join the change of month, or choose a weekend. Therefore, meet the capacities of the moving company so that you can talk about the price again. You may ask for special leave, which will be granted by your boss if, for example, you are due to work relocate. At the same time, with early planning, you can cancel your Internet contracts or telephone contracts or any contract you may have concluded for a cable connection in good time. You can let these contracts expire on time. This is how you avoid double costs due to double contracts.

4. Berlin relocation Claim ban on stopping cheaply

If you move in Berlin, the search for a parking space may look bleak. This means that you can apply for a no-parking zone in advance. It is best to do this early enough. Inquire about the fees so you can claim a Berlin moving stop ban cheaply when you really need it. Again, the fees may differ if you don't have one, for example double sided Zone need or select a good day with an advantageous date.

5. Don't pay double rent

It sounds almost unrealistic when you read it, but it can still happen that you have to pay twice the rent. This is what happens when you make a mistake regarding notice periods. You should absolutely avoid the double rental costs, because this drives up the costs enormously. It is therefore best to achieve a seamless transition when it comes to paying rent. Sometimes such overlaps but don't avoid it. This is the case when there is additional renovation work to be done. However, intelligent advance planning can prevent this.

6. Dismantle and assemble furniture yourself

Of course, if you have two left hands, you can also hire a professional from a moving company to do it for you furniture to disassemble and build. It's the same with the kitchen, if you want to take it with you and rebuild it. But it could also be that you're just wasting time if it doesn't work. It is not always easy to deal with the furniture and the structure. Nevertheless, you can save money if you disassemble your beds or wardrobes yourself. Remember to keep the small spares safe and with the right one equipment approach the project.

7. Removal vehicle and van

It may really be possible for you to organize a trailer or a car with a trailer hitch in your private environment. This allows you to save costs if the move changes in relation to that moving volume limits. Calculate well to find out.

8. Use co-loading and save money

If you have the opportunity for one cargo use, you can save additional costs. This works, for example, when there are empty runs with a freight forwarder. It's best to inquire about different ones providers thereafter.

9. Deduct moving expenses from your taxes

You may be able to deduct your moving expenses from your taxes. This works, for example, if these can be claimed as income-related expenses and you submit your tax return with them. The decisive factor is whether there is a private move is or whether you because of work relocate. It is best to ask your tax advisor.

10. Sort out and sell well

You should not only dispose of and throw away household effects, but sort them out as well as possible. The best pieces can bring you profit to sell. You either use the Internet for this or you organize a flea market. Some moving companies even offset good furniture or high-quality household goods, so that you can keep the moving costs correspondingly low.

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