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6 fantastic tips to make your move perfect

In order for you to be able to arrange the move perfectly, it is important to follow a good plan for the move. It doesn't matter where you want to move from - so be it Berlin center, Berlin Neukölln or from another beautiful city - with the best moving tips you can avoid stress and mistakes. In any case, there is no question that moving is a very stressful activity – both physically and mentally. In principle, however, it is possible to have the move go almost perfectly with the best advice. For this, you can consider the best tips.

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1. Terminate the old apartment in good time

As far as the notice periods and the tenancy are concerned, you should make sure that you give notice of the old apartment in good time. So you can face many problems and most importantly get rid of stress. If your plan is for the move to go perfectly, then properly giving notice of the old apartment is the be-all and end-all of your moving plan. A perfect move only works if you do one step after the other.

In order to be able to give notice of your old apartment correctly, it is best to have one Make an appointment with your current landlord. Remember that your timely termination of your old apartment should preferably be in writing. So don't just think about the correct wording, but of course also about that date. Name both parties - this means tenants and landlords. If you fulfill these formalities flawlessly, you will have the first right step ready to change perfectly. That Giving notice of the old apartment nobody can take it off your hands, you have to do it yourself.

2. A correct acceptance of the new apartment

For example, if you go to Berlin Tempelhof or to Berlin-Lichtenberg want to move and are already looking forward to your new apartment, you should still not look at the control forget. This means that you only take over the new apartment after all the existing ones damage documented became. This is the only way you can get moving perfectly, because sometimes there is already damage. There is a so-called takeover protocol for this. Make sure that everything is also documented here in writing. Such a takeover protocol will be twice execution prepared. It is important that the landlord of the new Berlin apartment also signs it, because that is the only way to do it takeover protocol Validity. It also helps if you take photos of each room. Sometimes you don't notice small damages at first sight. Should there be any questions regarding later repairs come, the photos here can help you a lot.

3. That's why a moving company is a good choice

You can basically arrange the entire move yourself, but then you need lots of helping hands, lots of them moving boxes and above all time. What the topic time is concerned, problems often arise with this topic. Your employer does not automatically give you special leave to move. The topic with the special leave for a move is often very tricky. Before further problems arise here, it is best to consider whether professional moving companies are an option. A professional knows how to change perfectly and which ones criteria are to be fulfilled for this. This is why you should definitely get one from a moving company offer catch up, so you feel the situation facilitate.

If you wish, as a customer of such a moving company, you can have one commission a complete move. Alternatively, you are also free to partial move to perform. A reputable moving company will also support you throughout the entire process Organization and planning of your move. Here, too, the question of liability arises. You can clarify that in advance. If the organization of your upcoming move to or from Berlin is pending, you should be able to answer the question about the organization in relation to the transport in good time. You may hire a freight forwarder to do this, or you may hire one yourself vans, or truck complete offer take care of the naturally professional moving company for you. If you want the move to be perfect, it can therefore be a professional moving company.

4. The best offers for the new place of residence

Have you already found out what offers for landline, DSL and electricity providers are concerned? Again, you can compare before you strike. The internet helps you to compare current offers before you decide. There are significant differences depending on the region and city. These differences relate not only to the offers for electricity, but also for DSL connections.

A perfect move also includes, of course, the bulky waste to register. It can happen that not all things can be taken with you, such as:

  • clothes

  • furniture

  • items

If your household items partially dissolve must, it is therefore obvious to register the bulky waste accordingly. In this case, too, you can professional moving company in Berlin help when it comes to for that disposal or clearing out to find a solution. You should also plan this well in advance or talk to the moving company about it.

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