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Additional cargo Berlin: How do I save money on small transport?

Small transport by additional cargo Berlin – just transport a few things from A to B, that can't be that expensive! Anyone who has ever been to Berlin after Munich and drove back to dump a trunk full of cargo, he knows. the pure travel expenses add up to the hours spent, usually an overnight stay is added. The sum that ultimately comes out is disproportionate to the benefit. Therefore offers Schwalbe moving company the service Additional cargo Berlin to the saves a lot of money and time, while the result remains the same. Your belongings arrive safely and on time, with significantly less effort on your part.

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Additional cargo Berlin prices: How much does the fixed small transport cost?

The word "co-load" already speaks volumes: The transporter does not move for you alone, but he's on his way anyway. Another customer reserved most of the available storage space for themselves, but it there is still some space left. You make use of this with your additional cargo in Berlin and therefore only pay a certain proportion of the costs. Fall like this the additional cargo Berlin prices surprisingly low, despite high quality of service.

Examples of additional loads & transports across Europe 

Which places does the Schwalbe moving company go to with their vans? From south to north, from east to west (almost) nothing is impossible! Here are a few examples of co-loading, which can be added at will:

Do I absolutely have to book additional cargo from big city to big city? 

The trucks stop for your small transport not only in the big cities but also in the country. With an additional load numerous locations are possiblethat are on the way. The same applies vice versa for the additional cargo Munich Berlin, but also for the additional cargo Berlin Vienna, the additional cargo Vienna Berlin and the additional cargo Hamburg Berlin. If you want to move your belongings within the city or in the surrounding area, we can also do this for you find ways and means. A furniture transport Co-loading can be arranged at any time, as well as other co-loading transport.

Additional cargo Berlin with moving company Schwalbe

Contact to moving company Schwalbe for additional cargo in Berlin

Pick up the phone and ask the Schwalbe moving company the underlying conditions. Alternatively, you can also contact us by e-mail or the digital contact form to use. Enter the friendly staff all important data to your co-loading, so that they find the right one transport can find for you and calculate the cost. That The offer is free of charge and non-binding. Only when you are informed about the actual price and the conditions do you make your decision for or against this professional service.

Carry out transport privately - or by additional cargo Berlin? 

Think carefully about private transport arrange better and cheaper can - or not. In most cases, the cargo the most sensible solution – even one Moving price comparison it's worth it. Experienced helpers take care of your items to be transported, secure them thoroughly and bring them safely to their destination. Should something go wrong, you benefit from the fact that your things are automatically insured. More protection and service is not possible!