Terminate electricity when moving

Guide: Terminate electricity when moving

Do you have decided to move and stand your mover already in the starting blocks? Even if you sign up for one moving service it still counts Wto plan and organize. An important topic is, for example, terminating electricity when moving. So that you don't have any problems afterwards and don't have to pay any additional fees, it's worth adhering to the deadlines set by the electricity provider. That means you check the electricity provider accordingly to contact. You probably already know when the moving date is. Part of it is looking forward to your new apartment. Nevertheless, you should inform your current electricity provider as early as possible that you will be moving. It is best to always give your electricity provider written notice. It is therefore advisable to draw up a written letter of resignation for this purpose. At the same time, you can check the current contract with your electricity provider to see whether an additional written Write with the post as document is necessary for the termination to be accepted accordingly. Some electricity providers also accept such a cancellation by e-mail. the criteria but are different.

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Terminate electricity when moving - this is how you comply with the specifications

Even if you have a lot going on for the move, it is important that you do not forget to cancel the electricity when you move. Be sure to include everything you need to know in your electricity termination letter. Important Points in your resignation letter are for example:

  • Surname

  • customer number

  • old and new residential address

  • Date of move out

  • meter number

There are also electricity providers who have their own online for such measures customer portal set up that you can use for this. If you have any questions, you may contact the customer service of the current electricity provider. Incidentally, it helps to know how you can deal with your applicable special right of termination when it comes to terminating electricity with the current electricity provider because of a move.

Terminate electricity when moving - deadlines and dates according to the contract

Canceling electricity when you move is a new topic for you when you move for the first time. In principle, you should therefore absolutely remember that on the day of the move, or on the date of the move, you have the current meter reading read off. You do this directly at the electricity meter in your apartment. This electricity meter is usually located directly in your apartment or directly at the entrance to the house or in the basement of the building. If you are not sure where your electricity meter is located, you should contact the property manager or the landlord respond to obtain the necessary information. On the day you move out, tell your electricity provider exactly what the meter reading is. Of course, there is also an alternative in the form of a remote reading. However, you have to pay fees to the electricity provider if you cannot or do not want to read the electricity meter yourself. On the one hand you have to cancel the electricity when you move, on the other hand you also need electricity at your new place of residence at your new address. That's why you should at least two weeks take care of before moving in. This means that you deal with the electricity registration in your new apartment early enough. You do this directly at your new place of residence. Worst case scenario, you'll have no power if you've just moved in. Although you then have the move behind you, you are then faced with a problem. By the way, you save a lot of time if you use a moving service for this movers treat from a professional. Then you have nerve to take care of the registration and deregistration of the current. It can be up to two days take a while before you have electricity on site and purchase it. Therefore, timely registration is particularly important. Before that, you can of course contact the different electricity providers with each other to compareto choose a good plan.

Cancel gas and electricity when moving - Can you cancel the electricity contract early?

Terminating electricity when moving is often related to the topic of terminating gas and electricity when moving if you have purchased gas accordingly. So that you do not have to pay longer than necessary, you are probably also asking yourself:

Can I terminate an electricity contract early? In principle, you can of course also terminate the electricity contract prematurely. But it is always the decisive factor Duration of the current contract with the electricity provider. But there is also a special right of termination for gas if you move. Therefore, you should take a close look at this contract again to read the conditions. Incidentally, this is also the main purpose of contracts – the aim is to keep them. The specific termination procedure is a more important Point with every electricity contract.

Is moving a special right of termination? How does Strom cancel because of moving to a girlfriend?

Is moving a special right of termination? This question is relatively easy to answer, because you do have a special right of termination when you move. Ie that you electricity contract may cancel. Incidentally, you are also allowed to do this if you are bound by a minimum contract period in relation to the rental agreement. You are free to choose which energy provider you want to go with once you have moved into your new place of residence. Maybe you just got the big one happiness one apartment liquidation to organize because you are moving in with your life partner. Then the question quickly arises: How does Strom terminate because of a move to a girlfriend? Basically, the answer here is that you always have to stick to the contract. Nevertheless, it is a special right that applies to every contract with the electricity provider when moving. As a result, you can also enjoy your special right of termination in your current situation because of your move. New electricity providers also offer their services on the subject of canceling electricity when moving, but you should refrain from doing so.

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