Moving aquarium

In this way, you can move your aquarium without damage

Moving is always one logistic challenge, we must vplan alot and to vmany think. Then many more come dates and deadlines and things might get complicated. The situation is particularly challenging when you need to transport an aquarium. An aquarium move should be just as good planned be so that both the fish and the home of the roommates are good moved away will.

A move with an aquarium requires a number of things in order for it to no problems comes. The goal is the aquarium, as well as the plants, the contents and of course the fish safely transported to the new apartment. Don't underestimate that weight not from an aquarium tank. The land or the gravel and the water also have a lot of weight. Of course, the decisive factor is always the volume and size of your aquarium. It is important that some preliminary work afford to allow your mover get a chance for a successful move with Aquarium. Did you even know it specialists there for? You've come to the right place with the Schwalbe removals company!

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caution fragile

If you move the aquarium, it can very quickly happen that the contents or the floor slip quickly. If there are still fish in it, they will be gone endangered. It is therefore important that you contents Remove the aquarium beforehand if an aquarium is to be relocated.

Plan enough time for the aquarium move

Don't take on too much on the day of the move when the aquarium move is due. That means you for the following tasks extra time grant must:

It might also be a good idea if you're moving the aquarium later repeat, if already all moving boxes have been relocated and the furniture is in the new home. The most important thing is that you approach the aquarium move patiently and consciously. So the aquarium will be dismantled last, so that the Time for transporting the fish kept short becomes.

The aquarium tank and that Glass is not the only challenge when moving your aquarium. Of course they play here too Dimensions and handling play an important role. The larger the aquarium, the bulkier and more difficult it is to transport. In any case, the aquarium should be completely empty so that you can carry and transport it. Of course, this also applies to the person booked for it moving service. It is also just as valuable that you provide transport for the fish and aquarium inhabitants professional to plan.


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Special tips for moving with an aquarium

The fish survive the change of residence best, if they can get the old water back. That means you as much as possible old one aquarium water into suitable canister can fill. Later it will be easier to take the stress out of the fish. Don't forget the numerous helpful ones bacteria and microorganismsthat are already in this water. These create one suitable environment for the aquarium fish. The fish are used to that. You should therefore avoid a complete aquarium move in the course of your aquarium move water exchange. Otherwise the fish can die. Therefore keep at least 50 % of the liquid content in canisters.

So that the fish arrive safely

When it comes to finding the right place for the aquarium in your new home, you should consider both Dimensions, as well as on the pool temperature 18. Be sure to calculate the entire site in relation to the total weight of the aquarium. When you rebuild the aquarium, you should check if the glass has any damage. The walls can break, if slight cracks have appeared during transport. A serious one Transport company for small transport or moving company is of course insured for this. If everything is in order, you can put the plants in and start decorating and setting up the aquarium. After the water is in the aquarium, you should insert the fish. You don't have to feed them on the first day because the fish have to adapt.

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