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Berlin, a city of many cultures, monuments and stories. The 4 big universities attract a lot of students from all over the world to the capital and the interesting economic climate offers space for many start-ups. It's no surprise that Berlin is a popular relocation destination for many singles, couples and families. Within this jungle we offer the moving company Schwalbe Moving service in Berlin on, so too Your move to Berlin will be successful and stress-free!

We cordially invite you to look at our website and services. Are you moving to Berlin? Then inform yourself carefully. We are always at your disposal if you have any questions.

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Berlin removals

you have decided to to move to Berlin? In advance, we at moving company Schwalbe would like to give you a warm welcome. In order for your move to be a success, you should consider a few things in advance.

  • Give notice of your apartment in good time and do not lose sight of the notice period. You don't want to pay an extra month's rent, do you?
  • Check with the different moving companies and compare the price of the services offered. So you know exactly how much a move to Berlin costs.
  • Book your relocation assistance in good time. You are not the only ones who would like to move to Berlin, so make an appointment as soon as possible.
  • Don't be surprised by the hectic traffic and apply for a no-stopping zone in good time so that you can load and unload legally.
  • Plan enough time in advance to pack your belongings and buy enough moving boxes and packing material. Here are a few tips to make packing easier for you.

Berlin removals: What makes a good one Moving service in Berlin?

There are of course many moving companies in Berlin. How do you know how the moving company a offers a good moving service in Berlin? There are already some indications that you are a good one Moving company in Berlin have selected:

  • The company sends an employee to get an idea of the amount of goods to be moved in order to be able to plan better.
  • After your relocation request, you will receive written offers and references. Here you can read the customer reviews for moving company Schwalbe in Berlin.
  • You will be assigned a permanent contact person who will help you with all your questions and requests.
  • The bill is transparent and each service is clearly mentioned on the bill. The payment modalities are also discussed in detail.
  • You can always see reviews from other customers.
  • The moving company has an AMÖ seal (Bundesverband Möbelspedition und Logistik e. V.). The symbol is a kangaroo on wheels.

Tip: Check the moving company online. Many customers have already shared their experiences with moving companies in Berlin. So feel free to take the time to research online and read about other people's experiences. Maybe you even have friends or relatives in Berlin who have already worked with a moving company. It will bring you a lot if you are properly informed.

move to Berlin

Do you already live within Berlin and move e.g. B. just around the corner? Still, you must take care of some formalities when moving to Berlin, so that everything is legally correct. Don't forget to register your place of residence at the Residents' Registration Office within 14 days when you move. Do you own a car? Then you should also report this to the responsible authorities. You should also inform the GEZ of your new address. Are you moving into your own apartment in Berlin for the first time and does nobody in the apartment pay the GEZ fees? Then you must yourself register with the GEZ.

Moving to Berlin: Costs

Can I a Moving to Berlin cheap have it done? And how can I with a limited budget save costs when moving to Berlin? Find out here.

On average, you should calculate around €450 for the move of a 2-person household. Are three of you moving? Then you will have to reckon with around €750. Moving a 130 m2 apartment within Berlin costs around €1250. Would you like to know what your move to Berlin will cost with the Schwalbe moving company? Then request a free estimate now.

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Receive favorable offers today – free of charge and without obligation. Whether moving or transport, we pack everything!