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Commercial move in Berlin: Of course with the moving company Schwalbe

you own one business in Berlin and want to move bag and baggage? Such a Commercial move Berlin should not be underestimated and usually means more work for you as a boss and for your employees than you think. So he shouldn't just carefully planned in advance, but also professionally by professionals be performed. A lot of office furniture, expensive equipment, sensitive electronic devices and important documents, all of this should be packed with sense and understanding and transported from A to B. It doesn't matter whether your business is a relocation, a craft business or trades from any other area should be here professional staff accompany your move.

So we go in ours today's blog post the question of what exactly in a person Commercial move Berlin actually has to be considered. What is special, what should definitely be planned in advance and what should you refrain from? Let our Tips and Tricks guide so at your commercial move sure nothing will go wrong! Have fun.

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Commercial move in Berlin - this is something to consider

At a Commercial move Berlin it comes up sensitivity on. Depending on which trade it is exactly, there are some special features to which the professionals at your side should definitely pay attention. You certainly have basic office furniture such as desks, appropriate chairs and cupboards. Some trades, however, own depending on the industry also particularly heavy furniture such as a counter, possibly furniture for medical or cosmetic treatments or special equipment. These need to be treated with caution, because most of them are worth a lot and difficult to replace. Also should computer, sensitive electronic devices or important documents with extreme transported with care will. So when choosing a suitable moving company, make sure that this one certain expertise brings with it in order to be able to do justice to these tasks.

Our team of the Schwalbe moving company from Berlin knows me Commercial removals Berlin Of course, as with any other move, it also looks great. We have been accompanying relocations for many years and therefore know exactly about the special ones Precautions for commercial moves Notice! To our moving service heard:

  • Packing and unpacking in the old and in the new commercial building
  • dismantling and assembly all furniture
  • planning and delivery of moving vans and the transport even
  • electrical installations your important equipment on request
  • liability for damage
  • warehousing of furniture
  • Consulting and implementation of Cancellations and new applications of telecommunications, water and gas.

Yours is important to us Commercial move Berlin especially the communication, which we always maintain with you as a customer. We want you to feel well looked after and advised and therefore offer one fair communication as well as one transparent cost overview on. So you are always in the picture about which ones cost and effort on you and your team and can better keep an eye on a large move such as a commercial move. It's not for nothing that we are one Full service moving company, which is committed to keeping the stress of moving as low as possible for you.

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Receive favorable offers today – free of charge and without obligation. Whether moving or transport, we pack everything!