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At Moving Company Schwalbe we carry out different types of moves. So there is the classic family or private removals. If a family has a Move from Hanover to Berlin planned, we have to make sure that the apartment is on the ground floor. Here in Berlin there are many older apartments with several floors and we cannot do without a removal elevator.

We are also a freight forwarder for company moves. We pay particular attention to the careful packaging of various electrical and IT devices, as well as the discreet care of personal documents and sensitive data during the packaging process. We send our friendly professional relocation helpers who know exactly how to disconnect and reconnect your devices.

Anyone moving to Berlin should definitely take into account the heavy traffic and a no stopping zone apply for. Because this is often overlooked, we're happy to set it up for you. We ensure that the authority will receive the necessary documents. This means that we can put up the no-parking signs on the day of the move with all the permits. When the parade is over, we put the signs back. So, it's worth it if you let us take care of the no-parking zone when you move.

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Your move Berlin Hanover made easy

Moving company Schwalbe is your perfect partner for your Moving to Berlin Hanover. After a detailed relocation consultation and move planning it can finally start for you! With us you get all the necessary packaging materials, from standard moving boxes, clothes and book boxes, to bubble wrap, packing silk and adhesive tapes. Would you like to know approximately how many boxes you will need? Then be sure to read ours Professional tips when packing your removal goods.

We also ensure correct dismantling of your electronic devices. Our mechanics and mover have years of experience. If you do not live on the ground floor, we will organize a removal elevator for you, which will bring your electronic devices down safely. We carefully pack and prepare your devices for transport so that the move will be safe and convenient. Only qualitative packing and moving materials are used. This is one of the prerequisites for a successful move.

Moving Hanover: Enjoy the service offering

  • Organizing a successful move is an art in itself. Just when you think you've got everything organized correctly, you discover that there are still things to do. But no stress. That's what we at moving company Schwalbe are there for. We are passionate about supporting you with yours Move to Hanover. We would be happy to put our many years of expertise and passion at yours Moving to Hanover to disposal. And you get the smile of our friendly movers for free! We prefer open and fast lines of communication so that everything can be done quickly and easily. At yours Move from Berlin to Hanover enjoy the following service offerings:
    • The application for a no-parking zone including no-parking signs
    • Packing and dismantling of furniture and appliances
    • Clearing out bulky waste
    • The renovation and cleaning of your old apartment
    • The storage of furniture

    And all under one roof!

    Secure ours now various service offerings and enjoy a stress-free move.

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Receive favorable offers today – free of charge and without obligation. Whether moving or transport, we pack everything!