Hartz 4 relocation

Hartz 4 move: This is how the move to the new apartment succeeds

For Hartz4 recipients is a move anytime possible, at least in theory. However, changing your place of residence always costs money some money, and that is naturally rare among unemployed people. The job center is allowed to move Hartz4 do not prohibit, but the office does not have to foot the bill for it either. Only if the clerk sees a good reason why Hartz4 move urgently needed is, the recipient of unemployment benefit 2 receives approval for financial support.

Hartz4 moving without permission? Not a good idea! 

Important is, to apply firstto wait for the answer and only initiate everything if the decision is positive. This is the only way you can be sure that the money really flows and that you don't have to bear the costs out of your own pocket. A Hartz 4 move without a permit can be quite expensive for the mover, and this must be prevented. Fortunately, there are many good, legally guaranteed reasons to move - one of which will probably suit you too.

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What requirements does a Hartz4 move have to meet?

In SGB II the requirements for a Hartz 4 move paid for by the office are listed. In order for the case worker to see your reasons as credible, you should submit all available supporting documentsto prove the situation. This includes, for example, public correspondence (also by e-mail), a medical certificate, a fresh employment contract and a letter from a lawyer. The following conditions are available to you reimbursement of moving expenses to:

  • Cheaper rent: Moving to an apartment with significantly less cost
  • home loss: Landlord has an effective termination pronounced
  • Starting work: Hartz 4 move to another city to start the new job
  • mental health: Hartz 4 relocation for documented psychological reasons
  • Physical health: Change of residence, e.g. to a barrier-free apartment
  • family relationships: Changed situation due to marriage, children or separation
  • Landlord relationship: Relationship with the landlord is irreparably disrupted
  • Housing situation: Unacceptable conditions, for example due to constant noise
  • Mold: Mold in the apartment that the landlord does not remove

Moving Hartz 4: What does the job center pay for - and what does it not pay for?

The assumption of costs for your change of residence has been approved, can you start moving? Remember that office only pay certain costs and always up appropriateness pay attention It doesn't matter whether your Hartz 4 move is for psychological reasons or for other reasons: the benefits to be expected always look somewhat the same.

The office will pay you...

  • ... your moving boxes.
  • ... a flat rate for needed mover.
  • ... the moving van with petrol money.
  • ... possibly an initial equipment upon separate application.
  • ... by arrangement, the rental deposit via an interest-free loan.
  • ... in justified cases also advertisements, brokers and viewings

If possible, stay within the specified maximum limits and do not spend more money than the office makes available. Anything over the maximum amount you have to pay yourself.