How long does a move take

How long does a move take? This is how you reduce the stress

A big move above a real one can run several hundred kilometers challenge for you as a private person. Above all, those who plan to move on their own are faced with the problem of a confusing cost calculation. We therefore recommend that you look for a suitable moving company such as the Schwalbe moving company to ask around and this important task and with it all your belongings in professional hands to hand over. We have already accompanied and managed tens of thousands of moves and can offer you from our longstanding experience confirm out time is money! This is best illustrated by deciphering the main costs. This main cost, which are incurred with every move, are made up of moving costs, the working hours of the mover and the travel expenses incurred. Because our mover over enough expertise and a professional approach available, work quickly and time saving. This means that you can not only protect your wallet, but also a professionally implemented move for Her stress level is a noticeable relief.

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How long does a move take?

Doing a move all by yourself with the help of friends and family can be quite a challenge. First is the organization, which you alone and without expertise of a moving company would have to afford. It should be noted that this can sometimes take weeks or months. Especially then, wIf you don't know which ones contracts one first quit should or how to get a structured moving list makes. There is also the question of whether there is enough at all helper and sufficiently strong helpers who can also carry a washing machine down from an apartment. This not only takes time, but also a willingness to be by your side that day. Furthermore, you should Route calculate, which you have to drive from the old to the new property. Depending on how far away they are, the drive alone can take several hours. Now if you still have the bring some time, which you and your helpers need to load and unload the van or vans, you will realize that it takes quite a bit of time to move on your own. Therefore, this move will take many hours, maybe even several days. The finishing touches shouldn't be neglected either. You may have to return to the old apartment after your stressful moving day and this one To brush or Renovate. This can be a daunting task without the help of a professional mover.

How long does a company move take?

A move for which you have hired a moving company usually takes much less time than if you did everything yourself. First of all, the moving company will facilitate the necessary for you organizationsince you are using it here professionals have to do, they know exactly how best to proceed. Thanks to us, the Schwalbe moving company and our special talent for organization you too can benefit from it. By using our website for any help you may need with the planning of your move, you are one step faster than if you wrote everything down by hand. For example, look at ours furniture list on, which you in the course of move planning on our website can make. This makes it much faster to get all your belongings in peace note, all put in order and sort by. This gives you a good overview of your household effects and you don't forget anything that you might not have thought of in the hurry. Even afterwards, you don't have to think long and hard, you know immediately what you actually own. In addition, you also speed up the work for us as a moving company, as we are better calculate can what everything packed up must become.

Questions: How many helpers do you need for a move?

When it comes to moving, it all depends on who you are going to help with. If you lift it alone with the help of friends and family, you will need more help than if you lift it from professional movers is carried out. This is simply because the professional helpers, in contrast to less experienced helpers, have the right handles, a time-saving and efficient Demonstrate how you work and also work perfectly with other relocation helpers team can work. For a move you will need 5 to 10 energetic helpers. However, if you opt for the Schwalbe moving company decide, this number decreases. We have been working hand in hand for years and know exactly how to achieve our goals quickly and efficiently as a team. Therefore, our motto is that we do not want to impose any hidden costs on you by bringing more helpers to your move than necessary.

How fast can you get a moving company?

A moving company like that Schwalbe moving company is frequently requested, especially in a city like Berlin. Nevertheless, we care about our customers and know the urgency that may exist when customers ask for our service inquire. We have therefore prepared a quick and efficient contact procedure considered. With us you can do the entire registration and booking of your move on-line execute. As soon as you have decided to carry out the move together with us, to contact Contact us today by phone or form. With us you have the opportunity to be in direct contact with one of our Employee to kick to get rid of all questions and worries. If nobody is currently available, you can easily contact one online recall request. If you are already one step further and the basic conditions are already fixed, you can go online to our website directly ours move planner use. Here you can easily enter your data, the extent of your household effects and the distance between your old and new apartment.

How long does it take to pack moving boxes?

First of all, it applies to the correct and above all sufficient moving boxes plan for your move. Packing a box is relatively quick with the right coordination. You should make sure that all heavy objects are in the bottom moving boxes are placed, the lighter ones above. In this way, they avoid breaking important objects. Be sure to keep the handles of the boxes free to handle them later lift easily to be able to Now assign the contents of the boxes to specific rooms or topics by labeling the boxes accordingly. Do not exceed 18kg per box to avoid tearing.

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