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The best way to pack moving boxes

If you're about to move, you should start planning early enough. By the way, you save a lot of nerves if you avoid typical mistakes when it comes to packing the moving boxes. Packing moving boxes with foresight is therefore your goal. This saves you a lot of unnecessary work, energy and time. But because many people who are happy to move do not know this, we have put together this guide for you on how to pack the moving boxes correctly.

Maybe you long after yours perfect apartment wanted and finally want to Berlin draw. Be it Berlin Zehlendorf or Berlin Mitte - it is definitely advantageous if you can pack moving boxes and crates efficiently and organize them correctly. Do you realize how many advantages there are when you pack everything carefully and with it care let rule? After all, you want most of your in a short amount of time household items settle and are happy when everything goes well.

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Choosing the right moving company

You should devote enough time and attention to choosing a suitable moving company in Charlottenburg in advance. This saves trouble and additional costs later.

A rule of thumb: At least 3 offers you should ask for your move to Charlottenburg and then compare them in detail.

With a professional moving company in Berlin Charlottenburg you are always well advised. Reputable providers such as the Schwalbe removals company offer you come to your home for free and to get an overview of the goods to be transported.

Our free service also includes a non-binding estimate, which lists all services transparently and later serves as the basis for creating the invoice.

Ask around in your circle of friends and acquaintances. Who has had good experiences with moving companies in Charlottenburg? Use free evaluation portals on the Internet. How many satisfied customers have given their ratings there? From the start, pay attention to how reliable and punctual a company behaves. How is the accessibility? Are missed calls answered? Are agreements and deadlines kept?

One last important tip: pay attention to your gut feeling. Does anything strike you as odd? Then you should perhaps contact another moving company and look for other moving helpers in Charlottenburg.

The Schwalbe removal company team will be happy to assist you reliable partner for moving in Berlin Charlottenburg to disposal. We look forward to your call!

Mistakes to avoid when packing

When you pack your moving boxes, you should not thoughtlessly pack everything that is still in the old apartment or house. It is quite clear that the over the Years some accumulates. The possessions are not only distributed in the current old apartment, but also mostly in the garage, or in the basement or in the attic. At least now is the best time to sort and look through everything.

You will realize how much stored belongings you don't need at all. It is therefore all the more sensible to use the bulky waste accordingly. Take the time to sort everything and possibly take it to the recycling center or recycling center. You can also resell items that are still in good condition at the flea market or on the Internet. the household budget will be happy if you, for example, for the new apartment accordingly new furniture to buy want. Anything that is good for the moving fund is a welcome support. By the way, you will also be happy that you have fewer moving boxes obtain and to buy have to.

Pack early enough

Avoid stress by packing everything you need for changing early enough. The first moving boxes should be packed no later than a week before the moving date. Otherwise things will turn out to be problematic. Here it is important to make sure that you only have the moving material foresighted put it aside ready packed that you really don't need for the move. For example, you can pack the following in the moving boxes right at the beginning:

  • board games

  • Books

  • photo albums

  • barbecue utensils

  • Clothes for a different season

  • skates

  • pressure cooker

This way you can pack moving boxes and at the same time have the peace of mind that you haven't packed anything important that you will need in between.

Packing moving boxes with a system

Avoid packing without a system, because the error devil lurks here too. Even if your fingers are itching to finally move into your new apartment, you shouldn't do everything easy in boxes pack and access it randomly. By then, at the latest, the chaos in the new apartment will spread when unpacking. You probably don't feel like distributing the belongings in the moving boxes individually to the correct rooms when the move is over. It is much better that you make sure that the corresponding items end up in the right moving box. Therefore, label the moving boxes ever after Space and Utilsthat are in it. There are typical household utensils that you need regularly. the coffee machine is a case in point. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you always have this kind of utensils to hand.

The correct weight for the moving boxes

Pay attention to the respective moving material, or note the weight specifications for the respective moving box. There are many different versions. If you cheap moving box to buy, that can mean at the same time that the payloads are not too big. If the material doesn't allow it, you'll have a problem transporting the books at the latest, or your crockery will break. You are therefore welcome to get information from a special moving box company in advance and find out what options you have. Always make sure there is an indication of the maximum weight if it is a moving box. This is the only way to ensure the necessary stability so that everything arrives safely. What the Series moving boxes should always be packed heavily at the bottom and lightly at the top. For example, when it comes to the kitchen utensils, you can store the heavy plates or cutlery below while you store the light ones kitchen utensils put in the moving box.

Leave the finger holes free

So that you don't have to learn it bitterly afterwards, you should remember in advance that you leave the finger holes free for carrying. It is useless if you pack your moving boxes sensibly for the move and make the best use of the volume if you use the intended ones finger holes block to wear. Otherwise designed namely the whole relocation and transportation extremely difficult. Therefore, always make sure that you pack the contents of your moving boxes and moving boxes loosely when it comes to the area of the handle holes in the interior. The fingers should enough place to the Wear to have.

Incidentally, when it comes to kitchenware or high-quality glasses, you should pay attention to special assignments in the respective canton. Otherwise, it is best to use the tried and tested one bubble wrap. This is the only way to ensure appropriate, solid protection so that your glasses arrive safely at their new home. You should therefore doubly secure the most valuable pieces for transport. Incidentally, crumpled packing paper or newspaper can fill the cavity of the glasses, the same applies to grandmother's beloved dishes. Be sure to handle the fragile content appropriately mark. Professional moving companies know very quickly how to do such special content can be stored and transported in the moving boxes.

What different moving boxes are there?

The designs and shapes of various moving boxes are very differing. Basically, you can assume that the typical book box is smaller and more compact than the other variants. In the following list you can get a brief orientation when it comes to the species the moving boxes goes:

  • picture boxes

  • book boxes

  • glass cartons

  • wardrobe boxes

  • small parts boxes

The correct labeling of the moving boxes

Even if professional moving companies help move A problem arises if you do not label your moving boxes and moving material correctly. Otherwise, the respective removal helper does not know in which new room the moving box should go. In the worst case, wild chaos ensues in the new apartment. You'll have to clean up this mess later. This takes away some of your anticipation as you move into your new apartment.

Therefore, the moving boxes with the respective contents should end up in the right room. You can do that with the correct labeling cause. This saves you an enormous amount of additional work. Label the moving box with the relevant content and the room for which the content is intended. The labeling is done both on top and on the side of the moving box. You may intend to use these moving boxes again in the future. Then it makes sense to label it with masking tape or self-adhesive labels. Following this, it is possible to use this again after your move without problems to remove.

What do I pack last?

As mentioned above it's helpful, which isn't quite that important Pack utensils weeks before the move so that you can distribute the tasks well. To avoid the mess with the moving boxes, it's also important to pack a survival box. You do that last. In the most important canton belong for example the following Utils:

  • Ashtray for smokers

  • brush and deodorant

  • bottle opener

  • Towel for body care

  • kitchen paper

  • ballpoint pen

  • mobile phone charger

  • garbage bags

  • cleaning supplies

  • scissors

  • soap

  • Toilet paper

  • Handover protocol for the new and old apartment

  • toothbrush

  • toothpaste

Calculate and determine the amount of moving boxes

Incidentally, one of the most exciting questions is about the correct amount of moving boxes. Basically, you can always count on the fact that between five and ten moving boxes or moving crates are needed per person for the move. The bottom line, by the way, is 15 moving boxes Per Space and Room. If you want, you can also calculate your living space in square meters to get an orientation value in terms of the number of moving boxes. Basically, of course, there is always the question of the amount when you want to move. Under no circumstances should you underestimate rooms such as the kitchen. Dishes and glasses require a lot of volume in the moving boxes. Incidentally, professional movers can help with this estimate. A more professional View enough outto calculate the amount of moving boxes appropriately. Incidentally, you can also order and buy this moving material directly from a professional moving company. The service for packing moving boxes is also offered by such a professional.

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