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Many Germans choose one every year Moving abroad, as there are many positive reasons to move abroad. For example, some think they have no future in Germany, while others only have that to escape bad weather. There are also those who want to learn more about foreign cultures or are simply looking for new challenges.

A international relocation is therefore always a big step that requires sophisticated management and early and comprehensive planning. In addition, the scope of organization is larger compared to inland resettlement. Accordingly, you have to find out in detail about the destination country as well as the import and entry regulations and find an experienced contact person. In the Moving company Berlin Schwalbe you've come to the right place if you're an international Plan a move.

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International relocations have not been an impossibility for a long time, but the biggest cost is usually hiring a moving company in Berlin. There are a variety of factors that influence the price, but the following are particularly relevant:

  • Distance: The transport costs are higher the farther away the destination point is.
  • Moving volume: Since the Price based on size and weight, among other things of objects, this is of course higher, the more objects are taken away.
  • Mode of transport: The type of move has a major impact on the price, with sea freight being the cheapest and air freight the most expensive.

There are three main components of international moves:

An international move has a large number of variables that play an important role in determining the cost, making it very difficult to determine an exact, final price in advance. You will incur additional costs if you other services from the moving company apply, including:

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International relocation is relatively expensive as transport vehicles, distance and many other aspects have to be considered. You can the costs of your move however substantially minimize by going to best option for your move to Berlin seek advice. That Moving company Berlin Schwalbe specializes in international removals and will make you an offer that is optimally suited to your individual needs. Let yourself be inspired by the expertise of our mover convince!

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