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Express transport/small transport Berlin: Speedy service at an affordable price

Sometimes things have to be done very quickly: an object or several things at the same time need a speedy small transport Berlin, across Germany or just to the next town. But your own trunk is too small, there is no time for the journey, the effort is too great. here jumps Schwalbe moving company gladly in the breach, she wraps yours express transport/ small transport promptly and reliably. Even a small transport Berlin Munich is not a problem, despite the long distances there are no high costs. The company uses that principle of co-loading, in order to serve its customers precisely.

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Kleintransport Berlin: Who do I call if I'm in a hurry?

The Berlin logistics expert moving company Schwalbe is the right contact for several reasons to handle your small transport Berlin. Above all, the vans of this provider constantly on the move throughout Germany and beyond – and they usually still have a spot free. While the one who does most of the storage space booked, also bears the mammoth share of the costs, you come with your express transport/small transport Berlin cheap of it.

Carrying out small transport Berlin Munich privately - a good idea?

who with the Drive from Berlin to Munich drives, needed for that about 6 hours - if he's lucky. With less luck it takes much longer. Then you still need your charge unpacking and deliver to then a visit the hotel. Because the return trip cannot be made on the same day unless you have a second driver on board. Normally, however, such a tour takes two days, plus the fuel and wear and tear costs for the car. Not to mention that ecological footprint for this strenuous action. Is it really worth that much to you to carry out the express transport/small transport in Berlin yourself?