Kitchen assembly Berlin

Kitchen assembly Berlin: the most beautiful way from the chaos to the kitchen

There they are, the kitchen furniture: unsorted, all in one Space that has yet to be conquered. Cooking and baking are impossible, the associated devices are not even connected. Which layman manages to carry out a kitchen installation in Berlin, so that in the end not only one functional arrangement, but also one aesthetic image yields? Anyone who prefers to pass this job on to real professionals is on board Schwalbe moving company Here you get a real ace up your sleeve quick and professional help, of a friendly team direct nearby.

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Kitchen assembly Berlin Price: How much does the assembly service cost me?

You will receive the kitchen assembly Berlin from the provider mentioned at a fair price. The exact costs depend on the scope of the work that actually needs to be done; there are no all-inclusive prices with this reputable company. Expected at the beginning a non-binding, free consultation, which serves to estimate the number of working hours as accurately as possible. This raises the following questions:

What is there to do at kitchen assembly Berlin?

  • Is the kitchen already planned “on the drawing board”?
  • What is the square footage of the kitchen?
  • Are there complicated niches and corners to fill?
  • How many upper and lower cabinets have to be installed?
  • What individual adjustment work is required?
  • Does the worktop still need to be cut?
  • which domestic appliances do the professionals have to connect?
  • Which one and how much material still missing?

Based on the answers to these questions, a transparent, understandable offerthat you as solid basis for decision-making serves. You can see exactly what costs are incurred for what and you can definitely decide to do one or the other to do the work yourself.

The IKEA kitchen assembly Berlin: a case for connoisseurs

Moving company Schwalbe is also happy to take over the IKEA kitchen assembly Berlin. It is best to give them before the delivery of the new ones furniture Let me know and make an arrangement a fixed installation date. Then watch how your new IKEA kitchen looks put together as if by magicwithout having to shake hands. Our employees are very familiar with Swedish furniture and know how the individual parts become a finished kitchen. They also know how to skilfully avoid the usual obstacles on the way to the goal, so that a new cooking paradise in no time at all created according to your wishes. In between falls one or the other unexpected extra work one, this one will too well done.

Soon a delicious scent fills you again apartment – and the proud chef not only presents his menu, but also his fancy new kitchen!