Don't want to part with your piano when you move from Berlin to Leipzig? Of course you don't have to. Because a piano transport does not have to be associated with great difficulties.

If this a transport company is commissioned, moves of this kind do not become a problem even with a large musical instrument.

In this article, we give you more tips and tricks on how to move from Berlin to Leipzig or within Leipzig without stress. Here we will give you a Moving company Berlin present that offers this type of service.

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Moving to Leipzig with a piano. How is this possible and what must be considered?

So that you can also enjoy music in your new place of residence, your beloved piano must of course go with you to the new place. But so that nothing goes wrong, you should plan the move with an upright or grand piano properly.

A piano can weigh between 200 and 300 kilograms on average. A grand piano built for concerts can even weigh up to 600 kilograms.

As a rule, a lot of attention needs to be paid to the piano, both before and during transport. Moving company Berlin, like the moving company Schwalbe know exactly what needs to be considered.

What should I take with me during the transport to Leipzig and the move here pay attention to my instrument?

When choosing a moving company, you should make sure that the company has already gained experience in this area of transport.

This way it can be seen whether the moving company meets the requirements for a piano transport. The more experience the removal company has of this type, the better it is for the safety of your musical instrument.

What costs do I have to pay when moving from Leipzig to Berlin calculate my piano?

In order to be able to answer this question, certain key points must be clarified. The following list is intended to give you a brief overview of these points.

– How many floors does the instrument have to be carried?
– Are the conditions on site rather bad or good when it comes to loading and unloading?
– Is the musical instrument a small piano or a grand piano?
– How far away is the old place of residence from the new place of residence?

After the above questions have been discussed with the removal company, a cost estimate can be made. Talk to the moving company directly about an inspection, because this way you can make sure that the on-site inspection can give you an exact cost estimate for your transport with the piano.

Because if an inaccurate estimate is made without an inspection, it cannot be determined with certainty whether the costs for this transport can be met by the removal company. Because especially when it comes to transporting a piano, various new circumstances can arise at the respective relocation location. The experienced employees of the moving company have to react precisely to the prevailing situation.

How is a piano transported and which moving company can I move to? Help Berlin with the transport?

Large moving companies such as the moving company Schwalbe throughout the Federal Republic of Germany have a lot of experience in transporting an upright or grand piano. Because these companies transport large musical instruments almost every day.

There are experienced professionalswho can react professionally to specific exceptional situations. The employees ensure that your grand or upright piano is transported safely from one place to another.

When it comes to transport, it is important to make sure beforehand during the viewing whether the piano can be carried directly through the corridors or whether the musical instrument has to be transported outside the building by a furniture lift.

Even before the journey begins for the piano, it is securely secured for transport with packaging materials. After all, your instrument should not be damaged during transport to the transport vehicle. Once the musical instrument has been loaded into the vehicle, it is firmly fixed so that nothing can be moved while driving.

Extreme road conditions and unpleasant weather conditions can therefore not damage your instrument. Additional technical aids such as padded belts, air suspension and special piano tops help Moving company Berlin, to protect your instrument additionally.

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