Long-distance move Berlin the professional way: Full steam ahead into the new home

A long-distance move to Berlin is without a doubt a real mammoth project: An entire household is transported many kilometers and dropped off at a new location. Nothing must be forgotten or broken. Sometimes it is one Company changing location, for example from the deep south to the far north. The load often remains largely on one person, who coordinates everything, takes care of every detail and must not lose her nerve. But if moving company Schwalbe gets on board, then relief sets in quickly. Because the professionals know exactly what needs to be done - and they do their job brilliantly.

Long-distance moves in Berlin: What is there to consider?

Long-distance moves are special moves mainly because the start and destination are far apart. Frequent commutes eat up too much time, the change of location should take place in one go if possible. It is all the more important on the day of the big departure really thinking of everything and not neglecting anything. Knowing that you have experienced professionals at your side who have already done all this a thousand times is a real benefit.

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What can I do to make everything run smoothly?

Take early Get in touch with your hard-working helpers, for a free and non-binding on-site appointment to agree. Here you will get to know at least one friendly employee from the Schwalbe moving company and ask him any questionsthat are close to your heart. Clarify the following together:

  • Scope: How much removal goods do you need to take with you?
  • Truck: How big does it have to be furniture transporter be?
  • cartons: How many large and small boxes are necessary?
  • Moving material: What other material do you need?
  • mover: which number of helpers do you need?
  • No parking: Need one or two no stopping zones?
  • Route: Where exactly are you moving to?
  • piano and co.: Are there particularly heavy or sensitive items?

Surely you can also do some in the course of this consultation Free moving tips from professionals reap. After all, you both have the goal that this long-distance move Berlin runs like clockwork!

Our ideas for a successful move

  • moving company Book months in advance
  • private helpers inform as early as possible
  • notice of termination submit in a timely manner
  • new lease sign quickly
  • special leave submit for relocation
  • nanny reserve for the small children
  • pet sitter organize for the pets
  • First boxes Pack 2 to 3 months in advance
  • Bit by bit keep packing
  • All boxes label carefully
  • Enough space leave for furniture dismantling
  • Finally fill an emergency box
  • furniture dismantle early
  • New furniture order weeks in advance

This list could be continued almost endlessly. Complete the points with your own ideas, for example the forwarding request for the post. sit yourself Fixed deadlines as milestonesto maintain relocation discipline. If you work your way forward slowly but steadily, you will get lost not in stress in the final sprint.