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furniture transport

Are you looking for one Furniture transport in Berlin? Below you will find some important information on the subject. What's that? Difference between moving companies Berlin and smaller furniture transports? A furniture transport distinguishes itself a little like the little sister of the moving company. Many people use this option at small moves.

Moving furniture is not always easy. If you have little experience in this area, we recommend that you contact a professional company. It is also worth finding out about other services such as furniture assembly or installation work. Because a little help with the (dis)assembly of your furniture is always welcome.

We from the Moving company Berlin Schwalbe happy to help you with yours Furniture transport in Berlin.

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furniture taxi

Taxi? Or should we, in this case furniture taxi, name the frequently used name for furniture transport? Will only furniture be transported then? No, absolutely not. A Furniture taxi or furniture transport does any kind of small transport. This means that not only furniture transports, but also small ones Removals Berlin, installation and construction works and Bulky waste disposal or clearing out be taken over.

These extra services can usually be easily booked. The company also often provides a driver when moving. If you prefer to drive the van yourself, some companies allow you to do so Rent a van for self-use. Need extra helping hands? Then you can add more for an extra charge professional helpers to add.

In the Schwalbe moving company you and your wishes are the focus. Let us know your preferences and we will find the best solution for yours Furniture transport in Berlin!

furniture taxi: services

When it comes to furniture taxis, small vans are often used. After all, customers don't need a huge truck if only individual pieces of furniture have to be transported. It is often the case that people are unable to do the work themselves. Then the furniture taxi is a great help. Below we give you an overview of possible services that are often requested for furniture transport:

The standard package usually only includes curb-to-curb delivery. Do you also need help with bringing in the furniture and with the installation or (dis)assembly? Then you can book fitters and/or additional helpers for a surcharge.
Please note that a furniture taxi only drives once. If you drive back and forth several times, you should look for an additional solution (such as booking several furniture taxis). If you prefer to do the whole thing alone, then some furniture transport providers can do just that transport vehicle rent.

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