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Moving to Berlin Kreuzberg - coveted place for (life) artists and students

Berlin-Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg has grown in recent years one of the trendiest quarters in Berlin-City developed, which is why moving to Berlin Kreuzberg is common.

“Kreuzberg nights are long” is the title of a well-known hit song that aptly describes the notorious nightlife in the district’s bars and pubs.

Kreuzberg is an El Dorado for artists and students, but the capital's Turkish community is also at home here. There are plenty of original shops in the Bergmannkiez, the Görlitzer Park or the Viktoriapark invite you to stroll.

At the Landwehr Canal you can end the day with a beer after work and enjoy life. There has always been a lot of change in Kreuzberg. Regardless of whether you want to move to Kreuzberg or move out of Kreuzberg with your move.

The moving professionals from Schwalbe know Moving in Berlin Kreuzberg like the back of your hand and realize your move while you can devote yourself to the beautiful things in life.

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Moving with the full-service moving company Kreuzberg Schwalbe

Use our Full service offer, you don't have to lift a finger. We come to your home free of charge in advance, get an overview of the goods to be transported, discuss your wishes and ideas with you and then create one for you non-binding estimate, in which all services and prices are listed fairly and transparently.

Simply use our to move in Kreuzberg convenient moving service! We are happy to take care of the dismantling of the furniture and, if necessary, the kitchen, and pack your entire household effects professionally and securely using specially padded moving boxes and crates.

Of course our worries Moving helper Berlin Kreuzberg also for a professional foiling and thus enable a scratch-free and undamaged transport.

Arriving at the destination, we will unload all the moving boxes if you wish and set up your new home in Kreuzberg exactly like your old apartment. EDP-supported technology is used to label and load the moving boxes in a structured and systematic manner, so that later everything is in the same place as before.

Of course, we also offer to professionally reassemble the furniture and the kitchen, as well as the shelves and curtain rods. In the old apartment, we remove dowels and screws from the walls, repaper and paint the walls, varnish window frames and door frames and ensure the restoration of a perfect condition for the swept handover.

In addition, we offer you, your Store removal goods inexpensively. Our storage areas are optimally tempered, clean and safe and can be rented for short or long-term storage.

By the way, with us you can too moving material buy or rent cheap. You have the choice between moving boxes, book boxes, clothes boxes, bubble wrap, adhesive tape and packing silk.

Better not rely on friends and acquaintances on the big day

Moving is an important matter and it is better not to rely on friends and acquaintances - even if you love them more than anything. The danger is too great that one or the other will have to spontaneously cancel on the day of the move, even though you have planned and initiated everything.

Perhaps weeks ago you applied to the responsible authority for a no-parking zone and put up the signs, rented a large van, took extra vacation time? 

And then one of your friends can't come to change in Berlin Kreuzberg...

With a reliable moving company Berlin Kreuzberg like the Schwalbe moving company you have the security and certainty that the move to 100% will be carried out professionally as agreed on the requested date.

Our Kreuzberg relocation helpers will of course also be happy to set up a no-parking zone, set up and remove the relevant traffic signs and take you to the responsible authorities.