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Once you get help for his Move to Berlin Lichtenberg needs, all friends are suddenly very busy Or they forget about the date that was announced 2 months ago. Everyone will Moving to Berlin fail without the required manpower.

Lots of moving boxes or pieces of furniture are simply too heavy to carry from the 5th floor to the moving truck alone - especially if there isn't even an elevator in the house.

To be on the safe side that your move to Berlin-Lichtenberg can take place as planned, you should Using a professional moving company consider. Then nothing stands in the way of you moving into your new home.

the Schwalbe moving company is a full-service moving company with many years of experience Moving in Berlin and environment. The best thing to do is to apply directly now free quote for your move and the loss of movers on moving day is a thing of the past forever.

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Receive favorable offers today – free of charge and without obligation. Whether moving or transport, we pack everything!

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the Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we try to fulfill all our customers' wishes. This includes the short-term and flexible appointment allocation for the timely realization of your move.

For a move within Germany, we recommend that you at least a week before Contact us so that we can schedule the required vehicles and staff accordingly.

If you are moving internationally, you should more than two weeks before contact us so that we can provide the necessary papers for customs and arrange everything else.

Should you need to move at short notice, we will do our best to help you directly. Via our cell phone number 0179 422 3037 we stand by you in urgent cases also at the weekend to disposal. Of course, you can also reach us by email at

Your removal goods are well insured with us

You can be sure that your removal goods are in the best hands with us. Already during the transport from your old apartment into the moving van, ours trained specialist staff cautiously and cautiously with all removal goods.

One professional packaging in moving foil and the use of other special packaging materials ensures that all items can be transported scratch-proof and are not damaged.

If you are with us within Berlin Lichtenberg or another district, like Berlin center, Berlin Reinickendorf or Berlin Marzhan move, you are also well insured.

Our transport insurance applies to an insured sum of EUR 620.00 per cubic meter and can be doubled if necessary.

Of course we also have the required one Professional and business liability insurance, a road haulage license and motor vehicle liability insurance.

We are happy to support you via our contact form if you have any further questions about insuring your removal goods.