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Are you planning to move to Berlin Spandau? We can understand that: Berlin-Spandau is a particularly attractive spot in the state of Berlin. The beautiful old town with numerous half-timbered houses and idyllic cafés, the many parks and water areas or the historic Spandau Citadel from the 16th century.

Perhaps you have a new job in Berlin-City? Or would you like to move in with your partner who lives right in one of Berlin's inner city districts? Then moving is certainly a sensible decision. Who would want to spend half the day stuck in traffic or on an overheated S-Bahn train? 

the Schwalbe moving company happy to support you actively with a smooth move from Berlin-Spandau to Berlin-City.

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A move from Spandau to other parts of the Federal Republic

Maybe you want to leave the capital and settle in another region of Germany? Hopefully you have thought about this step carefully, because elsewhere there are neither late night shops nor open-air parties - and one or the other is said to have missed the special Berlin charm.

Whether you are with your Move company from Berlin want or whether it is one private move acts.

With the moving company Schwalbe you are definitely at the right address. We realize Moving within Berlin, but also national and international removals, included on request renovation- and painting work.

Our motto: 3, 2, 1 move! Our goal: Perfectly organized moves and happy customers.

Create a checklist for your move to Berlin Spandau!

Do not underestimate the effort involved in moving. It is best to create a detailed checklist in advance for your move.

Then you can check off all the points one by one. So you should terminate your rental contract early, apply for relocation leave (unless you leave the mover from the moving company Schwalbe to realize the move), cancel contracts and subscriptions and mentally prepare for packing the moving boxes prepare.

The friendly helpers from Schwalbe are happy to pack the moving boxes.

Did you know that you can also inexpensive moving material receive?

You can also find more checklists for your perfect move here.