Moving to Austria

Moving to Austria: Our tips for successful emigration

As an EU citizen, you're in luck: the gates to Austria are wide open for you, insofar as you be able to finance your own life. It is therefore quite easy for Germans to emigrate to the picturesque Alpine republic. Nevertheless it works not without bureaucracy and sure not without thorough planning. With our tips for moving to Austria, you can reach your destination straight away and settle down comfortably in your new home.

Moving from Germany to Austria: what are the requirements? 

As a German citizen, you can stay in Austria for three months without registering anywhere. After that obligation to report, and you should definitely comply with it. the registration certificate is with the competent authority within the first four months to apply after your arrival. In this context, you must prove that you are resident in the country earn a living or about a sufficient assets together with valid health insurance feature. Your family members living with you must also be taken care of. Of course, you can also settle down if you start an apprenticeship after moving to Austria - as long as you are can feed themselves and have health insurance.

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What documents do I need for my registration certificate?

Bring the following documents with you to the authority if you have one Apply for a registration certificate in Austria want:

  • Your valid identity card or passport
  • Your proof of employment such as an employment contract or extract from the trade register
  • Proof of sufficient assets (e.g. bank statements)
  • Proof of existing health insurance
  • Proof of your education in Austria

If it has been five years since you moved to Austria and you still live in the country, you will be given the opportunity to to apply for permanent residence. You must meet certain fixed requirements for a permit: the authorities will provide you with the relevant information.

How much does it cost to move to Austria with a company?

you get one tailor-made non-binding offer, which enables you to plan your finances precisely. This document shows the price for all of you desired services. The careful listing gives you the necessary transparency. A general statement about what a move Germany Austria costs with a moving company is not possible and would therefore not be serious at this point. There are too many factors involved in the calculation to give more than just a rough estimate. You better take the chance to be informed precisely at the moving company Schwalbe, so that you can set aside the right amount and not experience a nasty surprise afterwards.

We recommend, start planning your move as early as possible and also to hire the company as soon as possible. Because: The appointments are in great demand, especially if they are around the turn of the month. With a timely reservation make sure you have professional help at the time.