Accrued relocation Berlin costs

In order to get an overview of the moving Berlin costs, you should inform yourself in advance. It is therefore best to get different offers from various moving companies in the Berlin area. This gives you an overview and allows you to make comparisons. By the way, that also gives you another one room for negotiation given. If you ask, one or the other discount may wave. This means that you should plan a few weeks in advance when it comes to evaluating the costs. How to set your budget for moving to Berlin. It is recommended if you plan for additional buffers. It is also advantageous if you know which costs are incurred for which cost centers. For example, underestimate them renovation costs not when it comes to the typical moving Berlin costs.

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Typical costs and fees for a Berlin move

Basically, you can always assume that a move is designed individually. Therefore there is no blanket guideline or fixed orientation in relation to the costs. Nevertheless, you can use some criteria to get an overview. In addition to the renovation costs mentioned above, you should also think about other expenses, such as the moving boxes. Normally, the moving boxes cost an average of 30 euros per room and room. This value can also differ if, for example, you take advantage of a complete offer from a moving company in Berlin. It is similar with the fees, which are incurred for the reservation of a no-parking zone or for a no-parking zone. An application to the traffic authority is required for this. You should also think about this in good time, otherwise you will not be able to find a solution in the short term. The cost of such a parking ban can vary from city to city. Both the duration and the extent of the desired no-stopping zone play a role in the price in this regard.

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Calculate moving costs for orientation

In any case, it is advisable to calculate the moving costs so that you do not have any nasty surprises. At the same time, the last thing to do is to secure the best savings tips when moving to Berlin. In this way you can automatically reduce moving costs. Of course, the decisive factor is whether you swing and solve everything yourself or hire a moving company. Incidentally, you can also partially commission a moving company if you have the respective Services watch for it. So it's all a matter of preparation. Or a cost plan is not possible, this is more than recommended. Then you know exactly which cost centers you can possibly change for the better. There are even companies that provide packaging materials, tape and cartons to lend. This way you can save additional costs. By the way, do not underestimate the price-performance ratio, which is different for every moving company. In any case, seriousness and seriousness always count in this case offer, which you can also rely on. If you move within a radius of 50 km and want to move around an area of 30 m², you can expect average moving costs of 500 euros for a moving company. That means moving from a single family home to a larger one distance costs three times as much.

Calculate moving costs – inquire online now

The easiest way to calculate moving costs is to research them on the Internet. Various moving cost calculators are available online for this purpose. Such solutions are often offered by moving companies directly on the homepage. This means that you can better contain the costs for the moving company. Of course, both the area or the circumference and the distance are decisive. A long-distance move Of course, costs more money on average than moving within a federal state. You may only want one vehicle for the furniture transport rent because you do the rest yourself. Different fees of between 50 and 150 euros are charged daily for such furniture transporters. The same applies to the individual calculation for the insurance and the tank that you need for this. You should also remember that a deposit must be paid for such a furniture transporter. You will get this money back, but it is still a temporary expense. Should you mover occupy, you also need to think about the catering. Do the math for them meals with an average cost of about 6.00 euros per person.

The following table can give you a good one orientation for an overview of the costs of moving with a moving company:

living space distance moving expenses
60 m³ 50 km 611,00 €
100 m³ 50 km 995,00 €
150 m³ 80 km 1.496,00 €
200 m³ 100 km 1.990,00 €

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