Moving during Corona

This is how you rock your move despite Corona!

Are you in the same situation right now and wondering whether a Corona move is possible for you? The good news is basically: yes. Moving during Corona is possible if you have the relevant current measures consider. That's why you don't have to worry, because moving to a Corona apartment is not strictly prohibited. The pandemic has been occupying the whole world for many months now. There is always a new lockdown, or it is extended in between. Therefore, both strict contact restrictions and other corona measures must be taken into account so that your planned corona move is allowed. Perhaps you have already given notice of your old apartment and are looking for a moving company with one moving service inquired. If the corona numbers keep rising in the meantime, you too will have a few questions in relation to them limitations your everyday life. Only limited contacts are allowed between households. Therefore, it makes sense if you follow a serious and good plan so that your move goes smoothly during Corona.

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The most important requirements for moving during Corona

So that your move Corona works well, it is preconditionthat none of the people involved are in quarantine. This means that you can start your Corona move when nobody is infected and everyone is healthy. However, there are still other measures and current regulations to be observed so that your move does not become a problem during Corona. Perhaps to plan you one mini move and ask detailed questions about a move to Corona Brandenburg or a move to Corona Berlin. Most likely you can't transport your furniture yourself, but want one for it furniture taxi commission Berlin. However, it may also be the case that you want to place a large order with a freight forwarder or a moving company. Basically, you don't have to worry here either, because moving companies are allowed to continue working during the pandemic and offer the service for it. Your move to Berlin during Corona is therefore generally not at risk. A prerequisite for this, however, is that the move takes place within Germany. There are countries where it is not possible to move during the Corona Pandemic. For example, if you have a Overseas Planning a move can be difficult. In any case, you should coordinate this with your removal company.

Measures to ensure that the Corona move is allowed

For the Corona move, there are additional measures that can be taken to keep the risks low. For example, particularly reputable moving companies leave their transport vehicles regularly disinfect. At the same time, it is recommended that the mover are equipped with gloves. Therefore, ask in advance whether the moving company will take back the packaging material and moving boxes used or not. For reasons of hygiene, you should coordinate this situation with everyone involved in good time. Otherwise, you may have to dispose of your moving boxes yourself when you move to Berlin during Corona.

Do I have to postpone my move Corona?

Basically, it is always a single situation and an individual case when a Corona move is pending and you have already planned your Corona Berlin move. But it reigns no work ban, so that the movers your promised Services and to comply with contracts. It is therefore possible to implement most moves during the Corona Pandemic. However, the situation changes if one of the people involved is infected or someone has to be quarantined. It is also just as important to take a close look at the current incidence value of the affected areas. These above reasons can count among the valid reasons that result in an appealing movement restriction. Therefore, you should inquire about the current situation early enough to find out whether you have to postpone your move to Berlin during Corona or not. Support and help from private individuals and friends is only permitted with restrictions. They count here too incidence values. One professional moving company may help without restrictions, the same applies to all people living in the household. If you have any questions, you can address them to the responsible public order office. You must always comply with the applicable hygiene rules and prescribed distances.

Request no-parking zones early enough

One of the most important criteria for your Corona apartment project move is to apply for a no-stopping zone for moving during Corona early enough. You can expect that some authorities are currently overwhelmed during the pandemic. In addition, the situation with parked vehicles in residential areas looks different than usual. Due to the exit restrictions imposed park possibly more cars in your area than usual. But there is a solution to this as well. If you know the vehicle owner, you can politely ask them to clear the space required for the mover and truck. This way you will have fewer problems during your Corona move project.

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