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Moving to Switzerland: successfully realize the dream

For them, moving is Switzerland a long cherished dream? Perhaps you have already set to work to make your wish come true, all that is missing is practical support with the move. The Berlin-based moving company Schwalbe offers you more than just a helping hand. Here you can book several pairs of hands at the same time, who transport your removal goods safely and quickly to the new home. But even with expert advice is not saved, because for this moving company is quality all-round customer service the most important goal.

Bureaucracy: What do I have to think about before moving to Switzerland? 

Anyone planning a stay in Switzerland as a German citizen that lasts longer than 90 days must register report to the migration office. You apply to this authority for your residence permit. There is also an obligation to register in the new to register the commune of residence, no later than 14 days after you entered the country. If you start work at an earlier point in time, you must register beforehand. You are also responsible for proving that you Subsistence from your own assets or from your own work deny. As a German, you need one to work in Switzerland work permit. So there's some paperwork waiting for you, because With this step you are not only leaving Germany, but also the EU.

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Moving to Switzerland: what else needs to be done?

In addition to the above-mentioned administrative procedures, there are also the usual steps that should be taken with every move. Here are some of the key points to remember:

  • rental contract the evict old apartment
  • new lease to lock
  • forwarding request put at the post office
  • Notice of Relocation send to all contacts
  • newspaper subscriptions redirect or cancel
  • telephone line quit
  • gas, water and electricity sign out
  • power supply Register at your Swiss place of residence
  • Offers from moving companies catch up
  • private helpers engage and motivate
  • Handyman pre-order early
  • new furniture choose and order (delivery times!)

Order a nanny and pet sitter for the big moving day

Anyone who moves with kith and kin will certainly be happy if someone shows up for the big day takes care of the offspring or the pets. Our advice: Arrange for a nanny early on if you still have one small children to have. And a pet sitter for dog and cat wouldn't be bad either, because the four-legged friends often get stressed out with all the furniture hauling. If children and furry friends are well accommodated on the decisive day, you can better get involved in a relaxed manner when you move to Switzerland.