Moving to the United States

Moving to the US: Perfectly prepared for your new home

Moving from one city to the next, or just three blocks away, is vastly different from your upcoming project: You are planning a move to the United States, so you have to cross the Atlantic and then want to settle on another continent. In order for this to go as smoothly as possible, extensive, professional planning is necessary. Moving company Schwalbe in Berlin is one of the experienced specialists when it comes to about overseas moves. With this operation you have a reliable partner at your side, who is familiar with all matters relating to the topic of "relocation". The staff will be happy to help you while jumping over the big pond.

What do I have to pay particular attention to when moving to the USA?

When you move to the US, you must automatically pay more attention, than if you stay within the country or in the EU. Below we provide you with a small checklist to help you organize your change of residence. The following important to-dos you should not forget if you want to successfully move Germany USA:

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Checklist for moving to USA

  • scheduling coordinate exactly
  • import regulations Check US
  • provisions carefully consider
  • Air and / or sea freight to organize
  • overseas container Reservations
  • special packaging to buy (Humidity!)
  • customs clearance perform properly
  • transport book from airport / port
  • mover get involved in the US

Pretty challenging, isn't it? The good news is, you have to don't even do it yourself. Moving company Schwalbe will be happy to organize your move to the USA from A to Z. The company uses its wide range of experience and the Connections overseas. The professionals take a heavy load off your shoulders and ensure that you stay fit for the next few weeks much more relaxed look forward to

Moving to the USA costs: what are the prices?

Lying, of course the relocation USA costs much higher than if you just stay in Germany. It's all down to that great distance, but also remember that you are with your belongings cross the Atlantic have to. Speak to the Berlin resident Schwalbe moving company to get more than just a rough cost estimate. The employees will deal with your case in detail and give you a free, non-binding offer submit for moving USA.

You have the opportunity to make some adjustments to the final price by only book certain services or yourself for a specific type of cargo decide. The basic rule is: whoever collects as many items as possible transported by ship, who pays less. Air freight is naturally more expensive, but the absolute favorite when it has to be quick. Smart emigrants combine both with each other in order to use all the advantages appropriately.