Moving with a cat

Tips and tricks – how to move with a cat

Are you about to move and are you wondering how best to do it with the cats? Surely you know that the cat stays true to your place. Ie that cats only very much dislike their familiar surroundings leaving. The cat may resent you for having to go to a new home. But the animal has to adapt to that get used to. You can be cautious about moving with a cat if you are aware of how these animals think. If you don't follow the best advice for this, it can lead to problems. You definitely don't want your four-legged friend with one poorly planned move.

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What the cat really needs for the move

Upon arrival, you should transport basket open slowly in the prepared room. The cat may not want to get out of the carrier immediately. You can also bring the animal with you Nothing force. It is better if you talk to the cat soothingly. That favorite food the cat should be within sight. Now you can leave the room. Give the cat plenty of rest so that it can relax calm can and makes the decisions themselves. Then it doesn't take long for the cat to get out of the transport basket comes out and the new home explored.

About 1 hour later you can check on the cat. If the cat is still in the carrier, you should consider some more hours Offer. If the cat comes out of the transport basket, you are allowed to use the basket remove. It's a good sign when the cat is in strangers new Room same eats or to Toilet goes. Only when the cat moves safely in its new home and radiates calm is the animal allowed to explore the new rooms. However, the following situations can also arise: The cat really wants to go out after the move.

This happens particularly often when the cat is used to being outside. In no case should you immediately open the whole world of the new environment to the cat. Otherwise the cat can still Not orientate and she may run away. You definitely want that in your new environment avoid. As already mentioned, you should let the cat into the new environment calmly for the first few days get used to.

The cat is very restless - what do I do?

When you know up front that your Cat problems with moves and transports then you should take care of a sedative. You get that from vet. Talk to him about the situation and make sure that the animal is not stressed. However, if you have the situation that the cat meows after the move, this can change after a few days lay. Cats have a voice, and they use it. They do this out of a very special behavior. It may be that the cat is irritated and cannot accept the new apartment immediately. A typical sign of this can meow be. You may design the parade with cats and it is about several Animals. In this case, you should proceed just as carefully and of course only use one moving basket per cat for transport per move. You generally only transport cats individually.

Moving with a cat, when to let it out?

You have known your cat for months or years and have a good sense of when the cat excited is and when they are calmed down. In any case, there are certain signs that the animal is upset or not. It's a good sign when the cat is eating and that litter box visits. Then your cat will feel comfortable in your new environment after moving with your cat. For you, it's a sign that you're the cat's territory extend be able. As already mentioned, the cat's territory is always the most important thing. You may have an opportunity in your new home cat flap to install. Cats are smart and like to explore their surroundings. Therefore, the cat flap in the new home will not be a challenge. Even so, you should be sure that you don't let the cat outside until it knows where its home is. Only if the cat already feels comfortable in its new four walls should you let it out. Make sure you are in one traffic-calmed area or not. If you live just off a main street, consider the cat Not let out. Otherwise increase it riskthat an accident will occur.

A well organized move with cat and other pets

You may have several pets, so that the question generally arises as to who will have them during the move cared for. Basically, you can always assume that the animals stress have what you move. This applies to the aquarium with the fish as well as the dogs and cats if you are a pet owner. You care about your beloved pets. That's very clear. Therefore, it may be that, for example, a cat move sedative helpful is. The same goes for others, of course tricks, the veterinarian will tell you more about this. Perhaps such a sedative is not necessary if you have a good one baby-sitter and the cat doesn't notice much of all the stress. But you know that moving changes everything. Your cat will notice these changes weeks before the moving date. In the worst case, you won't be able to find the animal on the day of the move. That's why you should always approach the matter with caution and the cat keep an eye.

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