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There are few people who stay in the same place all their lives. In life, we are all constantly looking for ways to make life better, more beautiful and more comfortable. And it is no different when looking for an apartment. Everyone has their own ideas about a dream apartment, but the search for the perfect match is often a path full of challenges and can sometimes be exhausting. The better informed you are, the easier the path will be. When looking for an apartment, there is one important thing that you as a tenant should consider when moving out of the old apartment: The notice of termination.

In an ideal world, you wouldn't give notice until the day you move, but unfortunately that's not how it works in reality. We from the Schwalbe moving company tell you what you should consider when evicting your apartment so that you are not confronted with unpleasant situations and put one at the bottom Apartment notice template to disposal. So, let's go!

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The termination of the apartment: on what should you pay attention?

There is some things that you have to consider when evicting an apartment: the notice period and timely notice, the correct form of notice and the return of the apartment.

notice of termination deadline

One apartment notice period refers to the period between the official notice of termination and the eventual termination of the contract. The main objective of this period is to provide both tenants and landlords with an opportunity to prepare for the termination of the contract. This gives the landlord enough time to find a new tenant.

Tip: Calculate the latest by when you have to give notice in order to avoid having to pay rent twice!

According to tenancy law, there are two types of termination: ordinary termination with due notice and extraordinary termination without notice.

Ordinary notice of termination in due time: deadline

In the case of an ordinary termination of residence, the following generally applies a notice period of three months, no matter how long you live in the apartment. However, it is also possible that you have agreed a shorter period with the landlord. You should make sure that you give notice no later than the third working day of the month (Saturdays included) and inform your landlord. In this case, this current month counts towards the notice period.

Would you like e.g. For example, if you cancel by December 31st, the letter of cancellation should have reached the landlord by October 3rd. However, if the letter does not reach the landlord until October 4th, then you have missed the notice period. Then the termination is postponed by one month and you have to pay twice for another month, in this example until January. So always send the notice of termination in good time.

And what happens if I want to move out earlier? Then at least you are the tenant of your old apartment have to pay rent until the end of the notice period. So no matter whether you want to move out earlier or not, someone will have to pay the rest of the rent. In this case, it is a good idea to suggest a subtenant or new tenant to the landlord. He can, but does not have to, accept this offer. An exception is probably if the landlord hands over the apartment to another tenant before the end of the contract or if he completely remodels and renovates the apartment after moving out.

Danger: Exclusion of termination!

It is possible that your lease will state that you are not allowed to give notice for a certain period of time. Yes, it is actually possible that the landlord excludes termination of the apartment for a certain period of time (up to four years).. Pay attention to this when signing the rental agreement.

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  • Refurbishment: If the landlord wants to modernize or refurbish the apartment so extensively that he will disturb you as a tenant, you can terminate the contract after the landlord has given you the appropriate notice at the end of the month after next.
  • Rent increase: If the landlord has increased the rent, you can terminate the contract after checking the increase up to the end of the month after next. The deadline is then 3 months.
  • Health hazard: Do you have mold or dilapidation in the house? Then the notice period is completely waived.
  • Death of a tenant: Has the friend or acquaintance with whom you lived in the apartment died? Then you can cancel within one month with a notice period of 3 months.

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