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Overseas move Berlin - Your "mammoth project" in good hands

Bringing an entire household safe and sound from one place to another is quite something a challenging task. But when it comes to moving overseas, the situation gets even worse. The road is long, the conditions are complicated. An overseas container is needed, the air or sea freight should be well organized. Who accepts the removal goods in the destination country and brings them to the new home? Reliable partners are in demandwho also know something about customs clearance. Overseas moves to Berlin are at the top of the agenda for moving company Schwalbe. The pros are very familiar with the coordination and use reliable contacts for smooth organization.

What is particularly important when moving overseas to Berlin? 

When moving overseas to Berlin, there are a few more things to consider than when you stay in the same country or at least on the same continent. The following list contains the most important points, that distinguish this relocation variant from all others. It can serve as a guide for your planning.

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Important to-dos when moving overseas

  • import regulations experience and observe
  • complexes scheduling execute
  • overseas container to organize
  • air or sea freight Reserve
  • special packing material procure
  • Reliable partners can also be found in the destination country
  • Delivery / unpacking put in good hands
  • shipment and customs clearance transact

Overseas move in Berlin: Who will help me with coordination and processing?

All of this must be scheduled individually so that each link in the chain reaches into the next. Nothing must be left out, as this endangers the entire project. Already alone the special packaging, which protects belongings from moisture and hard knocks during long journeys, is all too often forgotten. And how do you arrive? reliable people operating thousands of miles awayto take over the baton at the port or airport? Serious mover in the USA, New Zealand, Japan or any other place on earth the solid ending successful overseas moves Berlin.