Painting work Berlin

painting work Berlin

Many rental contracts stipulate that tenants have to carry out repairs after moving out, such as painting work in Berlin. Since this has no legal basis, it was rendered ineffective by judgments of the Federal Court of Justice. Therefore, no landlord has the right to make these demands. The tenant only has to leave the apartment clean and tidy.

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How are cosmetic repairs done in the Rental agreement defined?

Of course there are exceptions if certain agreements are in the rental agreement and these have to be carried out. For example, if the tenant has caused changes in the color of the walls or damage during the rental period. Of course, these must also be remedied and the apartment after moving out must correspond to the condition it was in when it was handed over. In these cases, you as a tenant must carry out painting work in Berlin.

There are some clauses that are in the rental agreement but are invalid. If the tenant is only in the apartment for a short time apartment lives or painted when moving in, the landlord may not be asked to paint when moving out. In addition, the landlord cannot arbitrarily demand cosmetic repairs from the tenant. For this reason, courts have agreed guidelines for different renovation intervals.

What painting work Berlin must by the tenant be taken over?

Should be every three years kitchen and bathrooms are renovated, so-called adjoining rooms (storage rooms) every seven years and living rooms every five years. If the painting work is taken over by the tenant, it is up to him to decide how he would like to design the walls and ceilings in terms of taste. For example, if you decide to paint the walls red but move in and out before the renovation deadline, the landlord doesn't have to apply the necessary paint. Clauses relating to the choice of color in the rental agreement are therefore invalid.

If the rental income states that the apartment has to be renovated by the tenant at different intervals, it is good to know that, for example, painting work in Berlin (cosmetic repairs) is only of average type and quality. In other words, if the tenant brings the apartment in the same condition as when he moved in, the tenant can do the necessary work himself. The landlord, on the other hand, is with one renovation not obliged to comply with the taste wishes of the tenant.