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Moving to Berlin Costs

If you move into a new home, then the whole thing is inevitably associated with costs. Think of stuff like material, logistics and labour, necessary to complete your move successfully. You have to pay a little more for expertise, but then you can be sure that your personal belongings will arrive safely on site. Luckily there are also solutions if you have any reasons Save moving costs want.

On this page we want to give you a clear picture of the Costs when moving to Berlin do it so you know exactly what to expect. Would you also like to receive a personal cost estimate for your move? Then that is of course also possible, we at the Schwalbe removal company will be happy to put our many years of expertise at your disposal.

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cost of relocation

How much your move will ultimately cost, depends on several factors. Here below we mention the most important questions movers will ask themselves when getting an estimate. The price calculation can of course vary depending on the removal company.

  • How big is your apartment and how many rooms are there?
  • What is the total volume of the removal goods?
  • What about the location of the residential area? (Floor, parking situation, size of the corridors)
  • How far apart are the two apartments?
  • When would you like to move? (day of the week and season)
  • What services do you need? (E.g. kitchen assembly, dismantling and assembly of the furniture ...)
  • Does the company currently have low or high occupancy?

In addition, you should also think about things such as B. packaging materials make. You need about one large box per square meter. At moving company Schwalbe you can buy inexpensive boxes, protective films and other packaging materials to get. You have the choice of both new and used copies. You will receive a small refund for each carton that is delivered. Click here for the entire offer and the order form.

moving expenses to calculate

If you want to get an idea of what you will pay roughly for your move, you can do yours Calculate moving costs using a moving calculator. Especially if you have a rather limited budget, then this can be helpful if you can plan your budget in advance. With the following tool you can Calculate your moving costs from home.

Attention: In the end, a supposedly more expensive moving company is often cheaper than a moving company that charges lower moving prices because all services are already included in the price. So always check what's included in the service offering and read the fine print.

Save moving costs: tips

Are you on a budget and want to reduce the costs of your move? Then we have a few tips for you:

  • The moving costs are largely dependent on the volume of your moving goods. Getting rid of old stuff wouldn't be a bad idea. Give away, sell or dispose of Everything you won't need in your new apartment. At the same time you have created space for new things.
  • Compare the prices of the different companies. Especially in Berlin, the prices of the freight forwarders often differ significantly. So take the time to compare all offers and get to know the companies. Inquire and request e.g. B. a cost estimate.
  • Take over Packing and assembly work. Whenever possible, try to seek help from family, friends, or acquaintances. In addition, there is Berlin and other major cities often have many students offering relocation assistance. Always make sure that your movers have insurance for damage caused by the move. This way there are no unpleasant surprises. With a standard move, the freight forwarder is still responsible for loading and unloading, with a low-budget move you do the work yourself.

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