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Private move in Berlin

Do you live in Berlin and looking to move but hesitating to organize it by yourself? Then you don’t need to worry too much about it, as you have now found the right contact person for your private move to Berlin.

Private Moving Service with Schwalbe Moving Company

A move involves a long to-do list and a lot of organizational effort, but it also represents an exciting new start. So that you are not left alone with all these tasks, our professional moving company will provide you with active support.

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Privatumzug Berlin

Private moves are associated with sore muscles and a lot of stress. But the Schwalbe moving company saves you a lot of time and stress, so you can focus on more pleasant things, such as furnishing your new home.

While our movers would deal with your furniture, you can use this time to think about the placement of your furniture and make other important decisions. Hiring a qualified moving company makes a lot of sense, especially when transporting your furniture from A to B.

What services does Schwalbe moving company offer during a private move in Berlin?

A private move in Berlin can be accomplished quickly if you seek the professional assistance of a moving company. Our experts specialize in thoroughly organizing and consistently carrying out all types of moves. Depending on the scope and type of order, the professionals from Schwalbe will take care of the loading, transport and finally the unloading of your furniture and other possessions.

Umzugsfirma Schwalbe bei einem Privatumzug Berlin

Our moving company also takes care of the packaging material so that your belongings are transported safely and securely. If you would like even more convenience, there is also the option of booking packing, unpacking and even reassembly of the furniture with the Berlin moving service. For a private move in Berlin, our moving company also offers you storage services and manual work. We would also be happy to set up a no-parking zone for you. You can only find such a professional moving service in Berlin at Moving Company Schwalbe.

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Let the Moving Professionals advise you about your private move to Berlin

Hand over your private move to our qualified and competent moving company. Together we will go through all the details and plan thoroughly. Our consultants are at your side from start to finish. All expectations, wishes, local conditions and the exact route are discussed in an open and friendly atmosphere. To be able to record the moving volume, our experts may inspect your house or apartment to be able to give you a cost estimate that is as precise as possible.

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Private Moving Helpers: Let us execute your move according to your wishes

The final offer will then contain a transparent price, with all services broken down and identifiable. This way you can keep a complete overview of your expenses. If you are moving privately in Berlin, you should inform the moving company about the liability and insurance regulations.  Our moving company will inform you about all liability and insurance regulations for your private move in Berlin, company move, senior move or even international move.