Regional move Berlin

Regional move Berlin: The short way to the new home

Berlin is big, and the direct surroundings of the capital also have enough space to live. A regional move to Berlin is therefore not uncommon, but rather for experienced regional providers such as the moving company Schwalbe everyday business. The professionals draw the move to Berlin from the wrist, so to speak, they help both in advice and in action. Despite the relatively short distance from the old apartment to the new one, there is a lot to do: It's good accompanied by competent experts to become.

Moving regionally: when to start the preparations? 

In practice it has proved advisable to as early as possible start with the first preparations. About three to four months before the planned change of residence is a good time to take the first steps. And they look like this: Find one reputable local moving company out that has a good reputation. Contact the experts by email, telephone or contact form. Get a free, non-binding one On-site consultation and let yourself in written offer create. It is important to secure the moving date with the provider in good time so that nobody gets in your way.

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Further steps on the way to the new home

  • For Hartz 4: Application for assumption of costs place
  • apartment quit, new flat rent
  • search for new tenant initiate
  • Contracts and Subscriptions quit
  • re-registration from kindergarten and school
  • With the offspring talk about moving
  • first things pack in boxes
  • Thoroughly declutter and declutter
  • special leave apply for relocation

Regional move: Where can I get the right moving material?

Get yourself high-quality moving material in sufficient quantity to be able to continue packing without interruption in the following weeks. Moving company Schwalbe will help determine the number of boxes and will be happy to deliver the materials you need home. Of course, standing the usual three carton sizes to choose from so that you can store your books, clothes and other items sensibly.

Pack correctly with sense and understanding 

Order yourself enough tissue paper and bubble wrap, to carefully protect your belongings. With a sticky tape make sure the boxes stay closed and the foils stay in place. But one more thing is absolutely important in the packing phase: the labeling. get a big one black foil pen, whose writing can be seen from afar. Always write on the narrow side of the box the exact content and on top the place where the helpers put the box down must. In this way, you can keep everything in perfect order right from the start and quickly find everything you need at your new place of residence.