Am I generally entitled to special leave for the move?

A so-called relocation special leave is just the right thing if you want to move. However, the necessary criteria must also be met for this, because it is not that easy. For example, if you as workers are employed, you have no legal right to special leave for your forthcoming move according to the federal leave law special leave relocation. Normally, however, there are special regulations for your special leave in relation to the move, if appropriate operating agreements or collective agreements are. It is therefore worth checking or asking.

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These important details are crucial for a special leave move

If you are about to move, you have a lot to think about. This includes not only adhering to the specified deadlines for the old and the new apartment, but also the exchange of information in relation to insurance, registration and deregistration and much more. Basically you know that a move a lot of time claimed. Of course, the condition in which you hand over the original apartment from which you are moving out is also decisive. Perhaps not only does this need to be swept clean, but it may also be necessary to freshly paint the walls. Then more tasks come along, because you want yours moving boxes both packing and unpacking to finally arrive. A lot of furniture is bulky and difficult to transport. In between, one or the other trip to the office has to take place. That's why it's usually not enough to postpone your move to the weekend and close accordingly to plan. Consequently, a special leave move is required.

Pay attention to the small print for special leave

If you do not have such a company agreement or a corresponding collective agreement in which your entitlement to special leave for the move is regulated, there is another possibility. A move special leave is simply common in many companies, if this is also approved for other employees in the same situation. But it is completely different with a special holiday relocation of public service. In principle, you can assume that a move for business reasons, such as a transfer to another city or to another location means a right to special leave at the same time. Now you may be asking yourself the question: How many days can I take extra leave for a move? There are different ways and approaches to do this.

they should don't automatically assume itthat you are generally entitled to such special leave. In reality, things are different in the working world. You will only be released from work if you meet the criteria for it. You may have a part-time job, or there is one special regulation for your full-time relationship.

This saves you time when you move

Are you wondering whether it is generally necessary to apply for leave? If you want to avoid this, you should limit the move. You can do that if you plan the move well and distribute the tasks. So how about matching movers? We not only offer you an advantageous possibility for the calculation, but you can also contact us online for a non-binding and free of charge offer Requests. The prices for your move are based on criteria such as:

  • moving area
  • distance
  • date of relocation

In any case, you are also welcome to contact the assembly service from us, so that it goes even faster and you save time for your move. The same goes for a reputable one furniture transport. Not everyone has one trailer hitch and one follower ready. That's why you can leave the topic of moving in professional hands. Incidentally, this also applies to a mini move and a small transport. So you theoretically have the topic with the move and the special leave move off the table. If you move but take special leave apply for and get it, you can approach the matter without any stress. Of course, it is possible to take on some tasks yourself. Whether you want to clear out and sort out yourself, or do it yourself support you decide for yourself.