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For most renters, the Renovation when moving out decided to move, which is why wallpapering, filling and painting in the old apartment is taken for granted. Renovation measures are usually normal for tenants, even if there is no statutory renovation obligation.

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Tenant obligation renovation

The tenancy law does not contain any regulations according to which tenants have to renovate the apartment when they move out. The maintenance of the apartment is actually the job of the landlord. However, there are situations in which the landlord has the right, at least in part, to transfer the maintenance obligation to the tenant. However, this does not apply to complex measures such as changing sanitary facilities or polishing floors, but only to smaller painting tasks. This is also known as cosmetic repairs.

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Which works include cosmetic repairs?

Also simple renovation works are cosmetic repairs. This can easily be done with a spatula and brush. Normal wear and tear can be removed with repairs that give the home a fresh coat of paint.

Cosmetic repairs include the following measures:

  • Wallpaper or paint ceilings
  • Paper or paint walls
  • Paint interior doors
  • Varnish or paint radiators
  • Paint interior windows
  • Fill too many drill holes
  • Remove dowels

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