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20 points to consider before moving

If you want to move away from Berlin or want to move to Berlin, good planning will help you. This not only helps you to save on various costs, but also to give you an optimal overview of your move. You can coordinate the move yourself, you make your own decisions. The aim is to save as many nerves and, above all, stress as possible. It is best to start with the most important of the tasks several weeks before you change your place of residence. These include, for example:

  • bulky waste

  • helper

  • contracts

  • moving boxes

Basically, you should not be discouraged by the numerous and very diverse tasks that are necessary when moving. A checklist for the move can be very helpful to keep you motivated and to maintain an overview and control.

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A moving checklist will save you stress and hassle later

A so-called relocation checklist automatically ensures that you think of everything. In this way, you can structure your move to Pankow, Marzahn or Köpenick without any problems and don't be discouraged when it comes to organisation. Incidentally, you can also get such a moving checklist from the Internet. You can also get these from one reputable moving company with experience. Simply search the Internet using the search terms checklist relocation to get the right results. It is best to print out this checklist for your move to Berlin Lichtenberg or Berlin Neukölln. Check off everything you have done. Of course, this is also possible online if you prefer your virtual checklist for the move. There is one for that too digital solution in the form of a checklist to check off when moving. All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone or tablet. With the appropriate relocation checklist, you always have the control.

Did you know that every year there are more than 8 million German citizens who Change Location? The reasons for moving can be very diverse. Examples for this are:

  • The desire for something different

  • the prospect of a new job and a promotion

  • family reasons

  • Relationship reasons and the partner

Basically, for all kinds of reasons for moving from Berlin Neukölln or to Berlin Mitte, you should think of everything if possible. Incidentally, this also applies to the important deadlines that should not be missed. Therefore, plan your move to Berlin Zehlendorf or from Berlin Charlottenburg in detail and carefully. A moving checklist schedule is one excellent addition. Then you not only have the detailed tasks in mind, but also the respective ones scheduled times to.

Of course, it is also possible for you to use your personal relocation checklist create individually. Basically you can assume anyway that your situation unique is and remains. So is she if you move within Berlin want, such as from Spandau to Reinickendorf. Have you already taken a good look at how many moving boxes you want to pack and what type of furniture you want to transport? Not only the quantity, but also the size and volume play an important role in the move. You will notice that you will reach your limits and that you cannot master this move alone. It is all the better offers early enough to think about which ones you can get from professional movers and companies. These can be given to you when you move to or from Berlin help. You should definitely check out your old apartment cancel in timebefore you plan.

Be sure to meet the deadlines

Your move checklist will also help you to meet the deadlines exactly. This includes, for example, all necessary terminate contracts in a timely manner. Of course it's the same with the key collection out. The smartphone or the laptop or the tablet is the ideal companion for something like this, because you use a digital checklist to take advantage of various advantages notification functions. For example, you can use the important ones Enter deadlines and appointments in the online calendar. One Reminder appears automatically then when it is necessary for you to react. You probably also assume that your smartphone is your constant companion. This is exactly why ways such as an online moving checklist are so popular and absolutely trendy trend. If you want, you can of course also use this digital checklist for the move express. You can do that if you mover want to put in the picture.

When do I ask a professional moving company in Berlin?

At latest two months before the planned move from Berlin or to Berlin it is necessary that you inquire with professional moving companies. It will take a while before you have all the offers in black and white. Some companies are quicker to submit an offer, others need a few days. What counts for you, of course, is that you all Compare services in detail before making your choice of moving company. Check these offers from moving companies very carefully. Always pay attention to that Price-performance ratio. Cheap deals help You don't if the performance doesn't work. You should focus on that Moving company in Berlin namely can also leave. By the way, a moving company also knows the details that are important for your move. This includes, for example, applying for a no-parking zone so that you can furniture very easy to load or unload. You probably know how the traffic in Berlin Neukölln or Berlin Schöneberg is. It is all the more clear to all the relocation helpers involved how important it is to have enough space and time if the Furniture relocated may be. Of the vans should be able to be parked as close as possible.

Deviate from the move checklist

Sometimes it's actually helpful if you follow the moving checklist differbecause you accordingly react spontaneously have to. As already mentioned, a move is something individual and the situation is incomparable. The better prepared you are, the easier the move will be. However, it may actually be necessary to revise your move checklist a bit in between change and adjust the schedule. This can happen, for example, if you have unpredictable good offers on the subject moving boxes to get. Do you want to buy them yourself or use a full range of services from a moving company in Berlin?

Therefore, always leave Space for subsequent comments, if you create your move checklist with a PC or laptop, for example. The ticks that you can set electronically and digitally in this way remain mandatory. The same applies of course Events to which you can react flexibly. If dates can be changed, that should also be possible. Set your priorities according to the moving checklist. Some things are more important than others. You are also welcome to Tips in the circle of acquaintances or friends ask for you do not forget. You should sort and structure your move checklist well. There are summaries that are good overview list result. You can then do everything in order and check them off. Remember to collect your checklists in one common place. This is the only way to check what you have already done.

This should be on the moving checklist:

  1. Registration and deregistration of kindergarten or school

  2. Apply for leave to move

  3. termination of the current rental agreement

  4. Get moving boxes

  5. Pack moving boxes

  6. clear out facility

  7. measure and cubic meter measure

  8. document the moving volume

  9. hire a moving truck

  10. Get quotes from moving companies

  11. Cancel or unsubscribe from subscriptions and contracts

  12. Organize movers

  13. a forwarding order at the post apply for

  14. the renovation of the old and new apartment

  15. Babysitter for children or pets

  16. reporting a no stopping zone

  17. registering your place of residence with the authority, or at insurance companies and banks

  18. the Set up the new apartment

  19. Everyone necessitate information pass it on to friends and business partners

  20. Feel good in the new apartment, get to know neighbors and organize a housewarming party

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