Re-registration Berlin checklist

What do you need for a re-registration?

Are you planning to move to Berlin and are you looking for helpful tips? In this guide you can find out everything you need to know about registering and registering. It also applies to that deadlines and Requirements to know when it comes to Berliners authorities and the citizen office goes in Berlin. This is the only way to avoid penalties and problems. So if you are asking yourself: what do you need for a re-registration? Then you may do everything necessary for this in advance do research, or all Documents keep ready. This includes documents on the one hand and any evidence on the other. Exceptions even require the travel document for a successful re-registration.

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What do you need to re-register in Berlin?

If you do that first Times move and maybe have found a new apartment in Berlin, the whole situation is exciting. A move requires a lot of organization - it's about more than just that moving boxes pack like this. Nevertheless, you should also think about the deadlines set by the Berlin Citizens' Registration Office and the Berlin authorities. This means that you should choose the residents’ registration office as your first visit to the authorities immediately after moving to Berlin. What matters is that you identify yourself as first Register or register at the registration office. The answer to your question: What do you need to re-register in Berlin? It is therefore a bit more complex when it comes to deadlines and documents. You give your new address to the residents' registration office in Berlin. In addition to the question: What do you need for a re-registration? You should also find out how much time you have for this. In principle, you can assume in Berlin that your period will be two weeks before you have to register.

Registering your place of residence and registering your place of residence online – helpful information

Basically, there are differences whether you register your place of residence or register after moving house completely New have to register. It is therefore important to research this information in advance and to answer the questions accordingly. You only have to register with the residents' registration office if you are generally moving to a new municipality or a new city. It looks a little different when inside from Berlin look for a new apartment. The same goes for one Mini move in Berlin. Anyone who moves within the city and municipality must also register accordingly at the residents' registration office. In this case it is a re-registration. In principle, however, you can only do this after you indeed moved in are. Registering your place of residence online does not work, but you can still use the service at numerous offices in Berlin to secure an appointment online. This is how the re-registration in Berlin still takes place more quickly and easier. You can also find the documents you need for this administrative procedure directly on the website of the Berlin authorities for registering. Registering your place of residence online does not work because you have to be there in person. But before you make the appointment, you should still answer the question: What do you need for a re-registration? Appropriate documents and evidence are required for this.

Registration form for relocation and important re-registration documents

There is a relocation registration form at the Berlin Residents' Registration Office, which you fill out personally. If it is actually not possible otherwise, you can also issue a corresponding power of attorney so that someone else can carry out this change of registration for your apartment in Berlin. This can also be an example moving service do for you. Such a power of attorney must meet certain criteria. Although a great deal already works online, you still have to present and submit numerous forms to the Berlin residents' registration office. By the way, you can also take care of other things at the residents' registration office in Berlin, such as having documents officially certified. The same applies to the issuance of children's passports, normal passports and identity cards. So if you have other things to do in addition to your re-registration documents, you can check them all off at once. Now the following question is still open: What do you need for a re-registration? The following information can be found here Summary:

  • any landlord certificate or landlord confirmation

  • signed and completed registration form

  • a passport – if you have one

  • the identity card of all persons and family members who are to be registered

What is a relocation registration form and how do I register my relocation correctly?

Ask yourself: what is a relocation notification form? So that you know what you need and what type of form you need to fill out and sign, it helps if you look at the relevant templates on the Internet. Such a registration form is a prerequisite for the so-called re-registration. You hand this in correctly directly at the residents’ registration office. Answer the most important questions about your application on the paper form Move to Berlin. The answer to the question: How do I register correctly? Basically it's not that complicated. You will also be pleased that you do not have to pay any fees or contributions for this. As already mentioned, it is important that you meet the deadlines for this. Some residents' registration offices charge processing fees of 20 Euros in cash. You must do this directly on site pay. The website of the office provides all the information for this. Your old registration office remains responsible for you if you have moved within the municipality or city. Incidentally, there are authorities and exceptions that accept registration or re-registration by post. The prerequisite for this is, of course, that all signatures and important documents are available. This also includes the registration form, which must be correctly completed and signed. In principle, it is also not a fixed rule that you absolutely have to present a rental agreement if you Sign in. In principle, however, you may never register a place of residence if you do not live there. A so-called bogus residence is Not permitted. You are also not allowed to state a place of residence with an incorrect address, otherwise you will commit an administrative offence. Something like this can end up being relatively expensive for you.

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