What do you have to consider when moving?

What do you have to consider when moving? - Tips from the moving company Schwalbe

A move requires a lot planning and you as a family or single, who will soon be moving to a new home, should consider a few things beforehand. There are bound to be many questions here: When do I have to leave my old apartment? quitso that I can move out in time? When can I get the new one? which renovation works are necessary before moving out and moving in and which ones are mandatory for the landlord? What should I do with pack of my furniture? You are not the only one plagued by these questions and many more. We from the Schwalbe moving company know these and many more problems our customers. We are here to solve.

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What do you have to consider when moving?

We as moving professionals With years of experience know exactly what the planning matters and would like to give you an answer as to what you should pay attention to. As soon as you know that you are moving and when exactly your move will take place, you can start with the planning start. In a first step, it is important to choose the right and, above all, sufficient moving boxes plan for your move. This applies here rule of thumb: One moving box is required per square meter of living space. You should also be careful to place all heavy items at the bottom of the boxes and stack the lighter and fragile ones on top. In this way, they avoid objects such as dishes getting broken. Be sure to leave the handles on the boxes free so they can get a good grip on the boxes and lift them easily. A special Tip is to assign the contents of the boxes to specific rooms or themes. You can do this by labeling the boxes accordingly. However, do not exceed a weight of 18 kg per box, otherwise it could tear. moving boxes can be obtained from any hardware store. You can also do this quickly and easily on our site buy or rent. You can find out what else you need to take care of in our blog post. We do the work, you move in!

What do you have to consider when moving? – Private move

Would you like to move from your private home to a new property? This is very simple for us under one private move Roger that. But don't worry, it's not that private, you can get help! We are one Full service moving company. This means that we will relieve you of as many burdens as possible. We get started by analyzing your items to be transported at the starting point pack, In addition dismantle we take care of your fitted kitchen and furniture. After that everything will be loaded. Arriving at the destination, we unload your furniture and transport it to your new property. Once here, we ensure that your transported belongings are properly and carefully transported unpacked will and will be happy to help you with the Assembly your kitchen or your furniture. If you don't have a parking space in front of your old or new place to stay and a No stopping zone sign If you need it, you can book it on our website.

What you have to consider when moving - international moving

Are you soon going not just to another city, but to another country? Especially when it comes to Europe-wide moves acts, there is concern that this is difficult to plan and will exceed the financial framework. Many kilometers have to be covered, several mover are needed, long distances have to be driven and sometimes not enough vehicles available for all furniture. Don't panic, you are not alone. We from the Schwalbe moving company tackle this together with you, so that nothing can go wrong.

First and foremost, you must note that you are in your Destination Country Sign in and deregister from Germany. You can do this at the responsible office in your city. You should also note that the Costs an international move may be slightly higher. Since it is one international move a great distance from the old to the new city is also involved transportation costs accordingly higher. The volume of the move also affects the overall costs. A final and major expense is the mode of transport. So the type of move has a big impact on the price.

Who do I have to inform if I move?

If you dare to step into a new life, be it private move or international relocatione, you must first find your old landlord informthat you intend to move out. You should do this early, as it is usually a three-month period right of termination consists. You should also inform your electricity, gas and internet provider. Of course, your post should also end up in your new apartment in the future, which is why you need a forwarding request should ask. Last but not least, it is important to inform us so that we can actively support you!

When is the best time to change?

There is no perfect time to move, after all, life is unpredictable. However, one can say that it is much more pleasant to move if that weather is good. Most importantly, it doesn't rain or snow. This can destroy your furniture or become too slippery for our movers. In midsummer, however, it is usually too hot to work quickly. The most suitable is therefore spring or if necessary also the autumn.

What do I have to consider when moving? - Checklist

When booking, go through all the important points that need to be considered. Do you remember all your steps detailed relocation plan thought? So let it begin! the checklist, which you can find in our blog, is equipped with all the important points for a successful move and helps you not to forget anything.

What do you need for the move?

For a move, you primarily need a lot of time, patience and a detailed planning. That's already half done. On materials you need the necessary moving equipment. That means you should make sure you have enough moving boxes enough duct tape to seal them and also some cleaning supplies if you want to clean the apartment right after clearing it out. Some buns for them mover are not wrong either.

What must be canceled when moving?

Before you move, be sure to do a few things on moving day terminate contracts. First and foremost, of course, is your old apartment, yours electricity contract, Her internet contract and other small contracts that you have concluded especially for this apartment. However, some contracts can also be conveniently taken with you to the new property. You should inquire about such a possibility in good time.

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